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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Why I dream.

You know many times I get asked why I dream so much in one day? Well my answer is very simple.
When I was young I went through a car crash and had to suffer the rest of my life through bullying and failings of school. I was very lucky to have passed. But during those difficult times was when I met three amazing characters.
Stark from my published book Parallel the Other Planet.
Dracula the good old evil vampire.
And Larry a werewolf.
Pathetic might be what many of you are thinking, or man is this girl crazy. I don't care what you think but people need to imagine and believe in things others do not see. As an author those three were very real to me. I had met them got to know their individual stories. I still meet so many characters day after day and I love getting to know them and hear their stories. I love being able to dream.
We all dream and imagine because without that then we would fall to pieces and our lives would become intolerable to live. Belief stabalizes life and also is what helps in building up countries and cities. Without an imagination that there would be no cars, planes, computers, phones, lights, nothing, we would be stuck like the 18th century of Europe and the rest of the world.
Here we go history. But when America was built the world changed it began to spin in a different way people wanted more of the freedom that America held. They gained it maybe not as much as America but they still got a lot of the freedom we had. Because of that many of them made these inventions. This happened because those who settled America first dreamed of being free from the kings control. The revolutionary war was won because the people believed that they would win.
Now, those of you who hate America get over it. We haven't done much to you as a people the government maybe. But we the people are going to have to start remembering that our ancestors dreams were what made this country.
Dream, follow it. Love it. It is a part of you and you need it to come true. :)
Have a very Merry Christmas!!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Screaming Pain

So have you ever heard of someone slipping back into the person they once were? No, well it's happening to me. I have been getting pushed from all sides and I'm getting sick of it. When I was in high school I fought back I made people regret messing with me. I sound really cruel right? If you think that is the case then fine but I wasn't. I was bullied through out most of my school life, I was the only one though who stood up to the bullies and made them back off. I wasn't a this super sweet girl, innocent yes yes I was innocent. But when I went to college I began to have a bit more to enjoy with my life and there wasn't so much worry any more. But now it's returning because of what others are saying. People, call me cruel they call me mean and they are always pointing out what is wrong with me. I know what's wrong with me why do I need a bunch of imperfect people telling me too? I just dislike it and the stupid thing it's over something that EVERY SINGLE STICKING PERSON DOES. Hmm, what's that? FORGET!!!! Hello, isn't that a common trait in EVERYONE everyone forgets things and then when someone brings it up they remember. But apparently I'm suppose to be this perfect little mind read who never ever forgets a single things and gets through it easily. If I have to then I'm going to back to my past self the one who stared people down and told them to shut up and leave me alone else I would bite, and not in the nice vampire way.
Anyways I'm done. Enjoy the rest of your day. :]

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Nevada SPCA Animal Rescue: Few seem to notice that I am a superstar.

Nevada SPCA Animal Rescue: Few seem to notice that I am a superstar.: "Bigger dogs, like Desert Rose, eagerly await daily visitors, often with wagging tails and smiles. But the truth is that most people walk ri..."

You're going to have to click the link to view the rest. I do alot of volunteer work. Just waiting for my chance to finish my second book which, surprise, surprise is based all around wolves. I love dogs and it has grown harder to work at the shelters when I really want to take home a beautiful dog such as this beauty. I really want her Desert Rose is beautiful and a total sweetheart. I met her once and instantly fell in love with her. I have a soft spot for my big dogs. All though I like small dogs as well having a companion who I can easily pet is a lot nicer then one I have to pick up. Plus I want a dog who can tough it up in the Sierra's. I love to volunteer I enjoy being able to work around people who care about others and the animals. I just enjoy knowing that there are still people out there who have big hearts. It's interesting because all the shelters have a tiny bit of competition going on but for the most part are desiring for a dog to get a good home. I really enjoy it. And I can tell you that dogs are absolutely wonderful pets. Cats are too but I'm really missing having a good old puppy dog with me right now. :')

“Oh, you’ll love it this year we have more people who moved in just recently,” said Susan, Ana’s sister.
“Whatever,” said Ana. Her parents had forced her into going when she was going to the Goth Fest in Nevada, but they said that she deserved quality time with her sister. Her sister was forty and she, Ana, was only twenty.
“I must warn you though,” said her sister her tone serious now, “We have some new neighbors who have a corn maze. Now their not too welcoming yet, so I suggest that you don’t go anywhere near them. The sheriff had many strange reports on them.”
Ana just rolled her eyes and continued to stare out the window. What would she be doing in a corn maze? Her niece was already getting married and she wished that she had a man of her own, not wanting to come for that reason. She looked out as they passed an evil looking scarecrow. Maybe it won’t be so boring after all, thought Ana.
The car rolled into the drive way and Ana jumped out. She saw huge stalks of corn behind their fence and just smiled. They walked up to the house and entered. Ana was greeted by her niece and three nephews. She smiled at the youngest one. Stephen he was only twelve and was easy to scare. The second youngest was Jeff he had braces and thick glasses he was the smart one. Then the oldest boy was Jared, his bushy dirty blond hair was hidden under a straw hat. In addition, Emily her brown hair and brown eyes were very pronounced.
“Ana, it’s good to see you,” said Emily wrapping her arms around Ana.
“Em,” came a voice form the kitchen. A strange guy with black hair and dark skin walked in and kissed Emily. Ana took him to be George. He looked to be American-Indian.
“Okay, don’t forget there are little ones,” said Ana pointing to her nephews.
George and Emily pulled away and blushed. Not very brave I see, thought Ana.
“Well, Emily you and George are in charge while me and Jack go to the town meeting. The twelfth death this year it is getting serious,” said Susan as she closed the door behind her.
Ana pondered what would make so many deaths but decided not to ask. She turned around and looked at Emily and George with real intent.
“Hey,” she said loud enough for them all to turn and look at her, “Why don’t we go to that corn maze behind the house. I heard its suppose to have a party in the middle.”
“There ain’t no party there,” said George, looking worried, “besides I would have heard.”
“Well, Susan said there was and told me that if I told you guys first she and Jack could get a little alone time,” Ana had a sweet innocent look on her face.
“Oh, George lets go it will be fun,” said Emily faltering first. Bingo, thought Ana, Emily would have fallen first.
George agreed and they headed out side the full moon made things even better. Ana told stories about werewolves and how they like the country best because of its open land. She told them that she was safe and they were doomed to being turned into werewolves. Jeff protested but still he looked as if he would have a fit. Stephen was shaking all over and Jared kept on checking behind them to make sure no one was following. Even George had a slight look of horror written on his face. Emily was pretending to be scared but she had a slight smile on her face.
They entered the corn maze and fell into a dense forest of stalks and leaves. Ana just smiled as Stephen began to cry and Jeff was shaking and his neck hair standing on end. Jared was looking around in horror. And George was holding tight to Emily’s hand. They started into the forest. Ana soon lost sight of them and began to wander. She heard footsteps but they were more like a large dog walking. She froze and looked around a howl went out and she felt her feet stay firm to the ground.
“Ha, Ha, you guys nice try,” shouted Ana.
“We didn’t do anything,” they shouted back sounding sincerely confused.
Ana looked behind her as she heard a growl. A huge wolf stood on his two hind legs was staring down at her in excitement. Ana let out a blood curdling scream she heard the others scream for help and heard crashing of stalks. Ana couldn’t move she was frozen she felt her throat block out the air and she began to hyperventilate. Then swiftly the wolf bit her. She screamed as he ran off, she continued to scream and scream. Soon George had his arms wrapped around her but she wouldn’t shut up. That was no wolf she knew that it was a werewolf.
They were standing outside the cornfield her nephews shaking all over as George tended to the bite. Ana knew that it wouldn’t matter she was stuck and doomed to become a werewolf. Her body throbbed to change but she fought. Every now and then she turned and threw up. Her throat was sore and her stomach was lurching. Her whole body was screaming for her to change.
“How did you get bit,” asked Emily as she watched her fiancé wrap her arm.
“I was…lost and saw…a huge dog and…he bit…me,” Ana panted. That’s true whether he was mythical or not, thought Ana.
Ana screamed and curled up on the ground her body lurched and she coughed up blood as she continued to scream. Her nieces fiancé told her to call 911. Ana begged for the sun to come up and ease away her pain. She couldn’t believe how well she was able to control her transformation. She felt her heart thump hard against her rib-cage and felt as if it had cracked. She held tight to keep her form as her bones grew and shrunk. She wished for it to end and then it did.
Ana opened her eyes and stared at the rising sun. She gasped in deep breaths as her heart returned to a normal pace. Her body stopped throbbing to change into a werewolf. You did it, you made yourself not change into a werewolf, Ana thought, but was it real? An ambulance rushed into the drive way and paramedics rushed over to her. Ana sighed she must not have imagined it. She was what she was. One of the paramedics brushed her face. Ana opened her eyes to a young man her age his dark hair and deep blue eyes spoke of comfort for her. He examined her and then noticed the bandage on her arm. He removed it to discover the gashes from the bite. But when he looked back at her he seemed to know everything.
“She got bit by a dog in the corn maze,” explained Emily to the other paramedic.
“She could have rabies,” said the paramedic talking to Emily.
“It isn’t rabies, John,” said the paramedic tending to Ana.
“Don’t be absurd Jake she has to have rabies the symptoms they said point to it,” said John as he rolled his sleeves.
“No, she’s fine she just was having a fit that’s all but I would like to come by every day at one and five,” said Jake as he looked down at her, “And I would like to come by on every full moon and stay all night with her to be sure all will be well.”
Emily agreed and the two men left. Ana sat on the ground staring at her shaking hands. She got up and rushed back into the cornfield terrified. She fell down on the ground as soon as she was unable to hear the others cry for her.
“Well, well look a ‘ere, the little misses from last night.” Ana turned her head up to a man with pointed ears and razor sharp teeth. He had more hair than usual and had a weird gleam in his eyes.
“How, but the only way you could was if you were the-,” Ana froze as she saw the dry blood on his chest.
“Of course I am that werewolf,” he said picking Ana up off the ground by her neck, “You are now one of us and you have no choice but to join if you don’t then I will kill your family.”
Ana pulled at his arm her head feeling clogged from the loss of oxygen to her lungs. She nodded her head hoping for him to drop her and let her go. She fell to the ground.
“That be fair warning,” he said as he ran back into the cornfield like a wolf.
Ana could not bear it she curled up on the ground and began to cry she cried and cried until she finally fell asleep.


Ana laid stiff in bed. Last night was a horror movie all of its own. She turned over as the fresh tears flooded her vision. She got up out of bed and opened her window determined to jump out. This was what she had to do. She jumped out landing firmly on her feet. She looked around. It was amazing a two story jump and she was unharmed? She decided to run off into the woods out back.
“I can’t believe this is it, I can never return home I’m stuck here to suffer,” said Ana as she jumped into the river.
“What?” Ana looked around and saw Jake looking for her.
Ana didn’t know why he couldn’t see her when she could so clearly see him. She waded out but it would have been better to just jump in and drown. Ana shook her head. She shouldn’t say such things she would escape. Ana went to turn but crashed over a rock and screamed. She stared down at her ripped pant leg with fresh blood spilling over it. Jake rushed over to her.
“Ana,” said Jake as he looked at her to never run away again, “You’re hurt.”
Ana pulled her leg away. But screamed when the wound stretched more.
“Don’t do that! Let me take care of this,” said Jake as he pulled out a small first-aid kit. He worked on her wound as Ana stared out at the forest.
“You really are afraid aren’t you,” said Jake as he tied the bandage off.
“Yes, wouldn’t you knowing your life has completely changed,” she looked at him and he looked up at her. She felt her heart beat a little faster when she saw the hurt look in his eyes.
“Of course, I do,” said Jake as he picked her up, “I think I understand more of your pain than anyone else does.”
Ana kept her mouth shut after that. He gathered her up in his arms and headed back to the house.
“Why? I’m trash, I deserve this punishment. I don’t want anyones help, I already proved how worthless I am,” Ana, said as tears came back.
“Stop it. Ana, your not trash, okay look you don’t want help that’s fine I’m just doing though what a man should do. Can you at least allow that?” He looked at her.
“Why are you saying such things?” Ana said, tears escaping like never before, “I don’t deserve this type of kindness I’m dark and cold-blooded. You should hate me!”
“How can I hate you when I don’t know you?”
Jake stopped walking and looked at Ana.
“Than you should hate me as well,” he said looking at her, “I may not seem it right now but I like the dark and love cold and scary things. I MAY KNOW MORE ABOUT YOU THEN YOU REALIZE!!!!”
Ana stared at him his cheeks were flushed and his eyes had tears beginning in them. He was shaking as well. She turned away.
“I’m sorry,” she whispered.
Jake sighed before going on back to her place.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Needing to remember the attackes here on American soil.

9/11 and Pearl Harbor where the two biggest attacks we had here on American soil. But 9/11 was the most frightening attack of all because it was an attack on the civilians who just lived their everyday normal lives. When I first heard about it was when me and my friends got to school. I was having a really good day. Just walked into school smiling that was when I looked to the TV in my school and saw it the first plane hitting the south tower of the World Trade Center. At first I wasn't sure if it was a movie or not but when the people started running and screaming and the camera person pointed out the second plane before it hit the north tower it all became clear this was real. My heart stopped in wonder as to if we were going to have a war happen right here on our American soil, luckily we didn't. But the school tried to keep us focused but even the teachers couldn't think straight we were just wondering and waiting. A war did happen but not the soil here in America, but I knew that it was going to happen, I saluted those soldiers who were my friends as they left for war. I always smiled at the police, firemen, and paramedics just to let them know that I was grateful that they were willing to protect us from an attack by others here in the country to those on the other side of the world. I won't deny it I'm a proud American, I am grateful to my grandpa's who were willing to serve in the wars of the past, I applaud all veterans, and I pray for the safety of the soldiers who now go to war. May we remember that we are not a nation that hides or ignores a direct attack, we are not a nation who begs for others help but helps itself. If you are offended by this I must ask why? Because being proud of the country that is free and where I have a choice is better then any where else. That is all I can say thanks for reading this.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

How dare I think anything and how dare I even think a normal thing.

Okay, rant time ON.

I really hate the fact that some people think that I am a very perverted person for thinking about the unthinkable that really everybody does now-a-days 24/7. If you don't know it deals with the birds and the bees. What's even more annoying is how there is this one guy who I'm interested in and he already has put up this whole thing that he isn't good enough for me! ARGH!!! Could you men stop judging yourselves around me about yourselves or me!? PLEASE!!??

Okay, rant time OFF.

Sorry about that but these last few days are just following up with my worst week ever, to be honest on some level that week was better then the week that I was in a hospital after the car crash I went through. Wait, car crash? Yep, car crash, it has been a total of 12 years since that time I was only ten when it happened. But aside from that it is starting to feel like it was a "much better" time then this! Maybe just because I had friends who, I don't know, ACTUALLY CARED ABOUT ME! I even had my child-hood best friend trying to get in contact with me and I had a HUGE crush on him. But he later on became a jerk and a player. I growing up was only consider by guys for two things first I would be a nice person to get to "know" (again birds and bees) OR I was just the type of girl who was the one you dated just to make people think that you are so effing kind and caring when really you aren't. So yeah, I just have liked this guy and I felt that something was going to progress for a moment than he kills it saying in his terms that "he isn't good enough and that I'll find somebody better." >:( Uh, insecure much? I mean really who said that you men could judge yourselves that quickly why not let us women say if you're good enough for us or not! Oh, and my boyfriend; who I broke up with, well because of that saying the other guy gave, I began to think "maybe I should've taken him up on his birds and the bees offer just so that maybe I would still have him."
But that thought lasted for a total of ten seconds and died. Why?? Because I am Daddy's little girl. My father passed away in that car crash and before he died he had asked me to wait until I was married before I'd learn first hand about the birdies and the beeses.
Anyways, the other problem, everyone (or at least it feels like it) thinks that I'm such a dirty minded person just because I occasionally think that talking about the birds and the bees is okay and that it isn't that bad. I don't talk about it around young kids I'm not stupid but around my friends (19 or older) I do. And there are a few who talk back to me about it. But what has become so wrong about that topic? Whatever, I'm just too rough a girl who likes to get under men's skin and tease them to no end, I guess it will be a while tell I find a guy who can handle me and maybe even get me to, I don't know, fall heads-over-heels in love with him. I'll keep you posted. Until then I am sticking with my book characters because they actually effing care about those whom they love. Thanks for reading this really long rant. I'm through here is a short story enjoy.

When I first wrote about Pantheion I was surprised because he wasn't a normal character I wrote about he had a lot of burning passion and was an intense warrior. But the character that surprised me the most was his love interest, I cried but not as much as this girl did but I (and I'm not ashamed to admit) was envious of this gentle man wiping her tears away and holding her close as she cried. I realized that Pantheion held one quality I wanted from a guy in my future.

The Outer World War

Pantheion walked down the hall shadowed by the darkness. Outside cheers were erupting through out the grounds. Pantheion ignored the people and their jubilation. The threat was not gone and would not be for a long time to come. He absentmindedly took his hand and played with the single long strand of silver hair. He passed by a window were it soon was erupted with light from the fireworks. He was a startling handsome young man. His chin came into a more soft curve rather than a jutted square. His eyes were a blistering electric blue which seemed to crackle with white. All though his appearance was handsome and many women wanting him, he still refused he just wanted one who was a dear friend of his. He walked into his compartment.
He stopped when he saw someone sitting on the edge of his bed. A young woman who was normal as far as humans went she had long brown hair with blue eyes. Her skin was a beautiful shade of milky white. She turned to Pantheion and than bounded at him she grasped him tight in a hug as she shook and muffled sobs came from her buried face in his chest.
“Marin,” said Pantheion as he pulled her away to look at her eyes, “What happened?”
Marin hurriedly wiped her eyes as she tried hard to calm her breathing. She was still shaking and her knees buckled. Pantheion caught her and picked her up. He placed her on his bed. He got up and rushed into the bathroom he came back with a bowl of water and cloth and a cup.
“I’m so sorry,” said Marin as she hurriedly cleaned her face and eyes embarrassed, “But I just thought…”
Pantheion handed her the cup Marin drank down the blue drink and promptly burst into tears again. Pantheion held her close to him. She sobbed for a while until she finally got a hold of herself.
“I thought,” said Marin as Pantheion climbed in on the other side and wrapped his arms around her, “that you were killed. I don’t like it when you’re called off to fight. I sit here alone wondering whether your alright or not.”
Pantheion lifted Marins head and kissed her soundly. He had never tried this before but the urge just was strong to do it. Marin softly moaned as she allowed him to kiss her. Pantheion pulled away he felt his lips tingling from hers. He ran his hand through her hair and looked into her eyes.
“I don’t want you to fear for me,” began Pantheion as he continued to run his hand through her hair, “but the war is not over and until it is-” But he was stopped by someone kissing him back.
“I know,” said Marin as she broke the kiss, “I hope it ends soon.”
Pantheion took Marin in his arms and held her.
“So who do think really did this then?” asked Marin as she turned her head up to Patheions.
“I don’t know,” said Pantheion as he pulled his hair back, “But I know that mutant alien was not the last one. And where it came from is unknown even to the best of our scientists.”
Marin laid back against Pantheions chest as he continued to contemplate. The mystery was what or who was controlling the aliens. Suddenly the door burst open and Pantheion jumped. His companion stood at the door panting.
“How can you lay there with your girl when the enemy has revealed herself,” shouted his best friend Bane.
“Herself?” asked Pantheion as he got out of the bed.
“Yes, it is a Crystalloid,” said Bane as he led Pantheion out of the room.
They began to run with Marin close behind them. Pantheion looked out the windows that passed by and saw a woman in crystal armor staring down at the people who were running around frantically.
“Pantheion come on,” shouted his friend Bane but Pantheion was stuck staring at her. She had him caught with a thin piece of crystal string. It shimmered and Bane and Marin realized why he had stopped, they rushed to help him but he was tugged out of the window. Pantheion closed his eyes as he rushed down to his death. But instead he felt a sharp tug and blood pouring out over the wire that cut through him.
“Ah, the strongest soldier I have caught him,” said the woman who had him dangle. The wire was slowly cutting further through him, “Well, what shall I do with you?”
“Let him go,” shouted the king as he looked up at the woman, “You are wrong Pantheion is not the strongest soldier!”
“He’s not,” said the Crystalloid, she tugged the string with Pantheion on it all the way up to her. She pulled him up to her face and stared deep into his eyes, “No, he is the one who destroyed my alien.”
“Please, let him go,” said the king as he stepped forward.
“And what of this man do you plead so much for?” asked the Crystalloid.
“He is, my son!” shouted the King as he stared up at Pantheion.
“YOUR SON!” shrieked the Crystalloid in surprise.
“Yes, let him go,” said the King.
“Dad,” whispered Pantheion as he looked around at the people who were there many in shock. His identity as the Prince of this land was to be kept secret only his two friends and pretend parents knew who he really was.
“Oh, no,” said the crystalloid sneering at the king as she hoisted Pantheion over her shoulder, “I’m going to keep this great find all to my self. Do anything and trust me your beloved prince here will meet his death slowly and painfully.”
“NO!’ shouted his father. Soldiers readied their bows with arrows, but held from firing they seem afraid that they would hit him if they aimed a bit off. Pantheion was a human shield for this crystalloid.
She took off with Pantheion staring down at Marin who was screaming as well. He didn’t know what would happen now if he was a prisoner for this enemy. And he knew about the old traditions of torture.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Can you stop stepping on me?

:( Well I got a boyfriend not long after broke up with him then I lost my job. But all though there was all this going on.
:) I got to hang out with a really great guy and also have a trial day this Saturday for a nanny job.
Looking at the good it is sometimes very hard to do especially when you are like some of my books characters. Another book I've been working on is called Warrior's. My main character Marylyn watches her friends be killed, wakes up while she is being operated on, and becomes something that is much more freighting and should only be left in fairy tales. Marylyn was one character that I found hard to like, she was very intense and very bold. The way her mind worked didn't follow with the other characters I was used to. Such as Darlene from another story, don't you love how many stories I have? :)
Life is tough and many times it feels better to just kill yourself and make life easier for yourself. All though I know that things are bad I also know that I can change how it is. Keep on trying life has to get better all the time no matter what. Now may I introduce you to Marylyn.

“GIVE IT BACK!” Angela shouted chasing after Jared as he held her necklace high laughing as they ran down the school hallway.
“RUN, RUN, AS FAST AS YOU CAN, YOU CAN’T CATCH ME, I’M JARED, MAN!” Shouted Jared before he was plowed hard onto the floor with Angela sitting on top of him holding her necklace in the air.
“You were saying?” Angela asked looking at the back of Jared’s head.
The classroom door swung open as Jared and Angela entered. Their friends looked up and laughed when they saw the red rub mark on Jared’s chin, cheeks, nose, and forehead.
“Another bought you two?” Luke asked kicking his feet up on the table. Flicking his red hair back, from his brown eyes.
“Oh, cut it out Luke,” said Angela resting into her pink beanbag. Her blonde tipped pink hair fell around her face, her green eyes piercing Jared, “He stole my grandmothers necklace.”
“Like I said I was just going to sell it on e-bay and see how much it’d go for!” Jared complained before he slouched into a wooden chair. He looked at the chess board in front of him where a girl who had dyed her hair silver stared at her black pieces. Jared moved his left knight to the right.
“Either way you’re both noisy,” said Crystal before she moved a pawn two spaces. She sighed looking at Jared flip his brown hair around only jabbing it in his grey eyes and crying.
“You know it seems like we can never have silence,” said Marylyn, flipping through her manga.
“Well, I guess that’s why I joined,” said Mark who flipped through an Edgar Allen Poe book. He looked at Marylyn admiring her brown hair, and quiet blue speckled green eyes.
“Yeah right Mark you joined because of Marylyn,” teased Katie who held a DS in her hands. She smirked at Mark who stared at her with his dark brown eyes, his black striped red hair.
“I don’t know Katie,” said George who held a Wii controller, “I think most of us guys joined to get closer to girls.” He finished tucking a hand under Katies chin, only to get slapped in return. He just smirked at her black hair and purple contacted eyes. As she glared at his bronze hair and amber eyes.
“Maybe for you Geo, but I choose this class to have some fun!” Jared shouted punching his fists into the air.
“Checkmate,” said Crystal before standing and moving to a laz-e-boy. Leaving a dumbstruck Jared, staring at her bishop who won her checkmate.
“Yeah, but in some ways it just seems we only made this class to have fun not do what we planned it for,” said Marylyn staring out the window.
“Even, so it’s rough trying to get our names out there,” said Mark, “I mean look most of these famous authors weren’t even recognized until they were dead.” He slid the book across the table sighing.
“Hey,” said Marylyn looking at Mark, “even so we said we would take what ever would be given us. Something, anything so we could be noticed.”
“Yeah, so enough sad talk lets think up some ways to have some fun!” said Angela punching the air.
“We could try out my new Wii game,” suggested George.
“Geo you’re the only one who wins and you win because you know some sick moves for those games.” Jared looked at George.
“You’re bad at any game.” Crystal retorted. Jared glared at Crystal as she thumbed through the Edgar Allen Poe book.
“Well, we should probably leave,” said Marylyn standing up, “I see no point in us staying. I could do some le parkour then.”
“Le Parkour..? What’s that?” George asked as he stashed the controls and his Wii back into their carrier.
“It’s just running and finding ways to save yourself in dangerous situations,” explained Marylyn.
“Yeah, as if anything bad will happen to us,” said Jared as they opened the front doors.
Outside they could hear the sound of police sirens and could see the flashing lights, in front was a large black van that crashed into their high school sign. They froze as the people ran out of the van they were charging right at them.
“MOVE!” Mark yelled as he pulled Marylyn out of the way. The others did also, but it happened so quickly the police aimed and fired. The sound of guns echoed as they fell to the floor. Marylyn felt her eyes fill with tears as she saw Mark and her friends collapse to the ground bullet wounds seeping with the dark color of blood. She fell hard to the ground as well as she felt the warmth of her blood seep around her wound. Mark, his eyes open; dead he was already gone and she would join them all again soon. But the eternal darkness never came but her whole body was paralyzed. She was alive but dead.
“Did they get them all?” Rasped a voice like one through a gas mask.
“Yeah,” answered another in a gas mask, “But looks like one’s still alive.”
“Is she paralyzed at least?”
“Yeah, they hit the spine,” the other said as he put pressure on her wound. Marylyn screamed but her mouth didn’t open and her voice didn’t echo anything out, she was paralyzed.
“Take the girls, I’ll handle the guys,” said the first. He lifted up Mark, Marylyn cried seeing his dead eyes staring at her in horror. They were all dead and would be that way forever. Her vision flipped around to the ground as she was moved to somewhere. She was laid down in the back of a vehicle. The rest of her friends past by her all staring at her with dead eyes, seeming as if they blamed her. Marylyn felt her heart crush her inside. She felt as if her heart crushing itself would be the thing to kill her now. The doors slammed as the vehicle rattled down the road to some weird place.
Marylyn was staring right at Mark. His mouth was slightly open as he stared at her with dead eyes. Marylyn put as much effort as she could to stretch her left arm to reach his cheek. She strained for a couple of fingers to brush his cheek. She cried in sorrow and pain. It hurt so badly physically and emotionally to see him there dead. Too far for him to feel her touch.
Marylyn cried away as the vehicle continued its trek to wherever it was going. All she knew was that wherever it was she was going to be miserable forever. How could she be happy when her friends where dead. The tires screeched and voices where outside the vehicle. The doors flew open and men in white lab coats gathered her dead friends. Marylyn was screaming though she knew no one could hear her at all.
“So this is the main survivor?”
Marylyn was staring in the eyes of a young man. He looked twenty and seemed to be smirking at her, he didn’t seem to be, he was. One of the gas masked men pointed to her bullet wound. The man slammed his hand to her wound. Marylyn felt her eyes flutter shut from the sudden rush of pain.

“The skin has been removed.”
“Doctor the heart has been filled with the ectoplasm substance you created it is beating normally.”
“The brain has been modified to start working at thirty-five percent capacity her bat wings have been accepted as well as her fangs and talons.”
Marylyn couldn’t move though she could hear she couldn’t move then pain shot through her. She bolted up screaming in pain. She heard the panic cries as she struggled. A mask was slipped over her mouth and nose as a gas filled her mouth she fell back into the darkness she had just barely awoken from.

Marylyn opened her eyes to see Mark looking at her in worry. She smiled softly at him, so glad it was all just a bad dream. Mark was alive he wasn’t dead but alive.
“Oh, Mark,” said Marylyn as she grasped his hand, “I had a really horrible dream, that you were all dead and I was paralyzed. Then I dreamed that they did something weird to me. I can’t believe it was just a dream.”
Mark looked over her. Marylyn turned and saw all their other friends there but they all had an expression of deep concern on their faces.
“What?” Marylyn said sitting up.
“Marylyn,” said Mark, “Something like that did happen, we aren’t in school anymore.”
Marylyn looked at him still smiling, before her eyes twisted in horror making her smile look maniacal.
“You got me,” laughed Marylyn, “I can not believe you would believe what I said to be true! Hah, I was just dreaming! I WAS JUST DREAMING!”
Marylyn looked at the room they were in and realized that it wasn’t any place she knew. A large glass circle door was all she could see to try and figure out where they were. Marylyn stood and ran to the glass door. She pounded on it screaming and howling. Mark tried to pull her away but she wrenched free pounding some more before a pair of glowing red eyes stared at her. Marylyn screamed pushing herself into Marks arms surprised that this was not a place she had ever been before. Marylyn turned her head into Marks chest. Then her throat constricted and she couldn’t breathe.
“Marylyn?” Mark asked watching as she slid down onto her knees before she started coughing, “Marylyn, what, what’s wrong?”
Marylyn grabbed his arms before she turned away coughing again. She couldn’t stop coughing as the others began to panic. Mark took and picked up Marylyn holding her head back so her throat would open but it did nothing. The others screamed for help. Mark panicked, please don’t let her die!
The glass door opened and Mark was shoved away from Marylyn as men in hazard suits grabbed Marylyn and forced her mouth open. Marylyn struggled but they forced her to drink a red liquid. The smell though told the others it was blood she was being forced to drink. They watched as the blood was drained and they dropped Marylyn to the ground. Marylyn gasped as a trickle of blood left her mouth. She picked her hands up off the ground staring at them before she began to shake and cry. She curled up into a ball on the floor. Mark rushed to her but screamed in pain as electricity shot through out his whole body causing him to collapse to the ground.
“MARK!” Marylyn screamed.
“Oh, he won’t die.”
Marylyn looked up to the twenty year old man she had met here. He was smiling still.
“Well, well, I knew you were a strong one,” he said bending down to Marylyn and cupping his hand under her chin, “Everything I could hope for and more.”
His eyes flicked over to Mark before settling on Marylyn with a look of evil. He jerked Marylyn’s left arm to his mouth and pulled the sleeve down to reveal a wrist band.
“I’ll tell you now not to do anything wrong else this will trigger a shock so powerful that not even the Earth would recover from it. Just so you know what I mean,” he said before he twisted Marylyn’s band.
The electricity was intense. Marylyn felt her body shake and she fell to the ground grinding her teeth since she couldn’t move anything else. It was a weird feeling more like her body was vibrating. The pain was searing though but the electricity wouldn’t kill her. She couldn’t hear the others because a rushing sound was pouring into her ears. But Mark was struggling to keep his cool. But to her surprise he knelt down and begged the man. All the sudden the vibration ended and her tightened body loosened up and her limbs felt like jelly.
“Understand, you are now monsters here’s a book for you to enjoy.”
A book fell in front of Marylyn’s vision followed by the sound of receding footsteps. No one moved too afraid to be electrocuted next. Marylyn couldn’t feel her body anymore she was shivering, the pain was too shocking but the biggest shock was the fact she didn’t die from that surge. She felt herself be picked up but she allowed her body to flop against Marks chest.
“Marylyn, forgive me,” he whispered holding her head close to his. Her hair played from his breath against her. She began to cry thinking of the intense suffering she had gone through how none of them where there with her nor could they help her. She shoved Mark away tears flooding down.

I'm a Mormon.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Good Things to Come

Many times when we wish to become an author we think it easy you just write a book and wha-bam!! You're a published best selling author. If only that could really happen I would then be very happy and living the good life already. I have one book published but I have gotten nothing from it. The new book I'm working on I have higher hopes for. I have another short story and all though some of you may not watch the video down below you should because it is amazing!!

As Anthon and his friends made it to the kingdom of Crisit they choose to go on their own through the kingdom.
“Alright, see you two later,” says Anthon as he heads off to a weapon store to look at items that they’d need on the adventure.
“Take care, Anthon,” says Rena as they wave bye.
“Let’s go for tea, Rena, darling,” says Celes as she heads for the small café.
Celes opens the door and they enter in to a pretty bad scene.
“You should have thought of that before hand!” shouts the chef.
“What’s going on?” asks Rena as she looks at the young man being yelled at. He is tall and has long blonde hair tied back into a ponytail.
“Looks, like someone forgot to bring money,” says Celes as she places her hand on her hips.
“We should help than,” says Rena.
“Alright,” says Celes as you both head to the chef.
“Look I’m sorry,” says the young man, “I’ve never had to pay here before.”
“Excuse me,” says Rena. Everyone looks at her in surprise, “but we’ll pay for him.”
“You wouldn’t want to pay for a scoundrel like him,” says the chef as he gets mad at the fact someone is willing to help him.
“My dear chef, this isn’t about him being a scoundrel or not, this is to bring up our mood,” says Celes as she steps forward. The young man sees her and seems to be very surprised by her looks.
“Th-thank you,” says the young man. Rena gives the chef the money.
“Come on Rena let’s go for a walk instead,” says Celes as they head out the door.
They head a little ways before hearing someone shout for them to wait.
“What?” says Celes as the young man catches up with them.
“I haven’t introduced myself. I’m Chris,” says the young man.
“Celes,” says Celes she places her hand in the direction of Rena, “and this is Rena.”
“Well…Bye!” says Chris as he runs off towards the castle.
“That was weird,” says Celes as she places her hands on her hips.
Later on at the hotel.
“Thanks,” says Anthon as he takes the key to your room.
“Celes is everything alright,” asks Rena as she looks at Celes who is deep in thought, “Celes?”
“Huh, oh sorry Rena it’s nothing let’s get some rest!”
Next day.
“Thank you very much,” says Celes as she walks out of a store.
Chris is just outside pacing and stopping looking back and forth.
“Chris,” says Celes in mild surprise, “is that you?”
“Oh, hello Celes. What a coincidence.”
“Chris…it’s not a coincidence when you’re waiting for someone like that.”
“Ha, ha,” says Chris slightly mad that she found him out, “nothing gets past you, does it?”
“How nice to see you again. Now, what brings you here?”
“I thought that if I were to wait here I might be able to see you again.” Chris sighed from relief, “I was right. I’m glad I made it in time…”
“Made it in time?”
“No special meaning to that…” says Chris in worry that he might have just given away a very important secret.
“Oh, well now that I’m here what do you intend to do?”
“First, I must thank you for helping me the other day.”
“Well, then we should go and fetch Rena.”
“…Can’t I just thank you…”
Celes stares at Chris in complete surprise.
“Celes come with me,” says Chris as he takes a hold of Celes’s hand leads her back to the castle.
Rena comes out from an alley eyes wide.
“Did I just witness something?”
1 hour later at the entrance.
Celes is so red in the face hands placed on either side of her face as she contemplates what has just happened.
“Celes?..,” says Rena as she places her hand on Celes’s shoulder.
“Oh, did you say something?” asks Celes as she looks at Rena.
“Celes, are you okay you look a little…” says Anthon but he stops when Rena holds up a hand.
“I…don’t know what to say…It’s the first time anyone has so honestly told me how they feel. He’s so innocent…”
“How should I answer him?”
“…Anthon,” says Rena as she looks at him, “you don’t mind if we wait just one more day to leave Crisit do you?”
“…” He looks at Rena and than Celes, “No.”
Next day.
Rena is walking out from an alley to see Chris coming in.
“Oh, it’s you Chris,” says Rena then Celes appears behind him, “Ah!, oh, no…Darn it…”
Rena jumps behind a wall before either of them can see her.
“So you came after all,” starts Chris as he takes Celes’s hand.
“I…I don’t know why really…but I felt there was something that I had to say to you…”
Celes breaks from his hold and heads towards the small river in the alley.
“I’ve never seen a man look me so straight in the eyes…” says Celes as she looks at her reflection in the river.
“And you spoke so plainly…” Celes turns to look at him tears pouring down her face. “I’ve never heard such honesty. And all you said was one word…”
Chris walks forward to give Celes comfort but she walks back turns around and bows her head.
“Oh…I don’t know what to do with myself. I’ve never felt this way before…”
“DON’T RUN AWAY FROM ME CELES!” says Chris. Celes turns around in shock, “I can’t let you go!”
“…Please, Chris…help me…”
Chris walks forward and grasps Celes tightly as she sobs into his shoulder. Rena wanders out a bit.
“Ah!…uh-oh…now what do I do…I can’t leave they’ll see me…”
Chris let’s go of Celes and looks at the churches bell tower.
“That bell means the end of this dream. But I’ll have nothing to do with it,” says Chris as he turns back to Celes and looks her in the eyes, “Nothing means anything to me except this moment…nothing…Celes.”
He pulls Celes against him and kisses her.
Suddenly though three soldiers appear and spread out in a line.
Middle soldier, “My Prince! We have been looking for you!”
Chris pulls away and looks at them Celes seems to be in a slight daze but quickly comes out of it.
“Wha…?” says Celes as she looks at Chris than the soldiers and back at Chris.
“Why have you followed me?” shouts Chris at them.
Left soldier, “My Prince, you know you must return with us. Princess Rosalia Lunar awaits you.”
“Chris what are they talking about?” says Celes as she looks at him.
Chris looks away ashamed of himself.
“Please, answer me Chris. It’s not true is it?”
“Celes, I have wronged you…”
“Have you deceived me…” says Celes as she clutches her chest afraid that her heart might break.
“I had not intended to hide it from you…But I couldn’t bring myself to tell you. Please, believe me!”
Celes grows weak in her legs and droops. She’s shaking as she tries to regain composure. She stands up.
“Oh, no Chris…Please tell me it isn’t true! CHRIS!”
Celes steps forward to grab Chris and be told no. But the right soldier steps forward and blocks her from Chris.
“NO!! Chris shall be my name…”
“My Prince, You speak strangely.”
“Princess Rosalia awaits your presence so as to proceed with the wedding. Why do you act so strangely on this happy day? It worries your Princess not to see you, my Prince.”
Chris runs towards Celes. Who now can’t take it has fallen to the ground is sitting there shaking.
The soldiers step forward and grab him. He struggles against them but is soon dragged away as he fights to get to Celes.
Rena runs out from hiding to Celes.
“Celes…They’re taking Chris away!”
“Are you really just going to let it happen?…”
“Celes. Let’s go.” says Rena with authority Celes looks up at her.
“Go?…go where?”
“To the Prince of course…No, I mean, Chris!”
“NO! I WON’T!!” shouts Celes as fresh tears come, and she stand up.
“I CAN’T SEE HIM!…I can’t…I’m afraid…I’m so afraid!…” says Celes as she wraps her arms around herself to keep herself from breaking.
“ARE YOU SURE!?” Celes looks at Rena. “Can you really leave things like this? If you don’t go to Chris now you may regret it for the rest of your life…”
“HMPH! I’ll take you to Chris even if I have to drag you there! Come on, let’s go Celes!”
Rena grabs a hold of Celes’s arm and drags her a little till Celes wraps her other arm around a pole.
“All right, I’m going to do whatever I have to do to take you to him, Celes,” Celes looks up at Rena who has tears on her cheeks. “If you don’t go now I know, you’re going to regret it, and I can’t bear the thought of seeing you like that. Come on, Celes, let’s go!”
Runs a little ways than she stops and turns back to Celes.
They both run to the church to see it guarded. The left soldier notices them.
The other soldier noticed them as well shouting, “THE WEDDING CEREMONY FOR THE PRINCE OF CRISIT IS IN PROGRESS HOW DARE YOU!?”
“We wish to speak to the Prince!”
They both look surprised shouting, “WHAT!?”
Rena pushes against them as they block her entrance.
“STAND BACK!!! We WILL speak with him!!”
Rena is thrown back. Celes helps her back up as they turn around to leave. Then suddenly Rena charges through the guards knocking them off balance and crashing to the ground as Celes follows.
The soldier to the left recovers first. “HALT!! HALT I SAY!!!”
They make it into the Church people look at them.
“Get those two!” Shouted the soldier from outside.
Rena turns and rams him into the wall pinning him.
“CHRIS!” shouts Rena.
“Do you, Rosalia R. Lunar, take this man, Clother T. Crisit, to be your husband, to have and to hold from this day forward, till death do you part?”
“I do.” says Rosalia.
“It’s no good…They’re too far. They can’t hear!”
“And do you, Clother T. Crisit, take this woman, Rosalia R. Lunar, to be your wife, to have and to hold from this day forward, till death do you part?”
“NO! NOO!!! CHRIS!!!!! CHRIS!!!!!!!! DON’T DO IT!!!!!!!!”
Every one looks at Celes as she looks at Chris. Chris takes off towards Celes as does Celes to Chris.
Chris wraps his arms tight around her as does Celes.
“Celes…I’ll never let you go now…”
Rosalia comes up the aisle looking at Chris.
“Prince Clother, may I ask for an explanation?”
“I have wronged you…” says Chris as he lets go of Celes, “But I still cannot love you. Ours is a marriage planned for political ends. I cannot be tied to you like this, it is not my true desire.”
“…I see…”
“I know I have wronged you, but I can no longer lie to myself!”
Rosalia heads towards the door tears brimming at her eyes. One of her soldiers notices it.
“MY PRINCESS!” Shouts one of the soldiers, “We are at your command. What would you have us do?”
“Have a beautiful wedding dress made for her.”
“Rosalia,” says Chris as he looks at her.
“Farewell, Prince Clother…”
They both exit.
1 hour later in Prince Clothers room.
“Chris…I mean, Prince Clother…,” says Celes slightly embarrassed.
“No! Call me Chris.”
Rena is there too and turns around with a big grin on her face.
“Celes…Will you marry me? Finally, I’ve said it. It is what I truly hope for…Will you give me your answer?”
Chris holds Celes’s hand as she smiles. But it fades.
“It is ‘no’ then…,” says Chris as he let’s go of her hand.
“That’s not it!” says Celes as she grasps his hands, “But…” she looks at Rena as does Chris.
“But what?”
“I have promised to make a journey, and it is not complete.”
Rena gasps and turns around to Celes.
“Celes! Don’t give it a second thought! We’ll be all right on our own!”
“No, Rena. I would not be able to live with myself if I didn’t know the answer myself. Chris…can you wait until I can get the answer?”
“Than I can trust you?” asks Chris looking at her.
“Of course you can.”
Chris smiles and kisses her.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Coming upon a Battle.

Life is very interesting with many challenges and trials it sometimes feels useless for me to follow my dreams. Especially when I'm trapped in a situation that just isn't good. I want to continue my education but also be living on my own right now and have a good paying job. Right off the bat many of you are thinking wow you are really silly to think that your dreams will come true just like that. And I knew that they wouldn't come true just like that but I also knew that somehow they will. Jobs aren't just working in the office they are writing books at home or working online. We put up this blockade of that there is only this world you can live in no other. Kind of makes me think of Fiddler on the Roof. Which I am singing the song Matchmaker for a production. In the story the girls and their family don't believe in getting a better life that they have to settle for the life they have always known. Fact is you aren't just constricted to this life or that life, it's up to you whether or not you get trapped. I'm not successful yet and I don't have a whole bunch of money flowing into my life. But I feel hope in what I've been doing and that many things are going to start happening that I've always wanted. As I am an Author I will be posting another bit from another story I'm working on called Long Lost Life. It is a Sci-fi story with aliens and hidden secrets of the Government on earth. Enjoy! Hopefully in a few weeks I'll be doing another post.

The group of people laughed merrily as they danced around from their triumph over the great Cape. A monster with wings like that of an eagle but a face of a horrible lion and a hind part of that of a horse with a lashing tail of a serpent. A young boy was retrieving the arrow that had successfully hit the beast and destroyed it. He slid down and walked through the throng who now were still and bowed as he passed. He had his long silver hair flowing behind him. And his face covered in blood and dirt had a smile and great blue eyes, shining through. He passed a girl whom smiled at him. She had brown eyes and red hair, she bowed slowly when he passed. He finally reached an older man who held a staff that held a purple swirling orb. He had one eye frosted over with white and the other a clear grey color. He had long sweeping white hair and a beard and mustache to match.
He bowed down on one knee and presented the arrow. The elder man picked it up and brushed his hands along the whole of the arrow. He smiled broadly and held it up high into the sky.
“My son,” said the elder as he held out a hand and lifted the young man stand, “You have slain the beast for the arrow bears the purple crystal arrow. My son you now are ready to take on the leadership of the village.”
A great eruption came from the people. The young man stared at them all, he saw the girl applauding loudly and screaming for him. He watched as they slowly calmed down and began to chant his name, “Orin, Orin, Orin.”
“My son, what shall we do?” asked his father. Orin looked up at him confused and his father smiled, “For a memorial? One to let all know that we have succeed in slaying the great Cape.”
“Oh, um,” said Orin, “We shall carve the beast lying dead and etch all of the villagers names on it.”
“We shall do that on the great oak that we have cut down newly,” said Orin’s father as he strode off the platform with his son behind him. The girl whom Orin kept looking at ran out of the group and headed straight towards him. She hugged him tightly.
“You did it Orin,” she said as she kissed his cheek.
Orin kissed her back full on the mouth.
“No,” he said as he grasped her hand and walked with her by his side, “We did it, Kiva.”
Kiva smiled broadly up at him. The group followed them several girls who were crying silently while others were happy to see Orin and Kiva together. The group walked past the cloth tents and followed down a path that lead to a river. They stopped at a stump that was ten feet wide and five feet tall. Orin’s father walked up to it and placed his hand on the stump. From his fingers spread a purple light that twisted in the trees grooves. After a while the light turned to a deep blue. Orin’s father lifted his hand and smiled.
“We may use him,” responded Orin’s father.
After a while Orin stood up and smiled at his handi-work. The tree stump now had a picture of the Cape lying still as if asleep. And all the names of the people surrounded it. Kivas more visible than the others. Orin stretched and headed back to the village to see a small group standing at the entrance. Orin walked closer and saw Kiva’s mother sobbing as she clutched a note written for Kiva.
Orin stared at it. Kivas mother handed it fully to him. Orin read it out loud.
Dear Mrs. Neiveil,
We are pleased to say that your daughter, Kiva Neiveil, has been accepted to the school of Kustova on the planet Earth, on the American continent. This is a great honor since this school has been revered. She will however have to leave her home planet and begin life a new on the planet Earth. We ask that you please allow her to come. We will be here tomorrow to give her the shot that will change and modify her memory.
Ms. Karen Larson
Karen Larson
Committee of Education Board.
5th member

Orin stared at it. What did they say, modify her memory. Orin dropped the letter as he rushed back to Kiva’s house and rushed into the closed part. Kiva was lying on her bed softly sobbing. Orin crossed the room quickly and lifted Kiva up. He kissed her so deep and passionately that he didn’t want to let her go. If he let her go she would be taken away. Orin after so long broke the kiss and he felt himself almost beginning to cry he shook his head.
“They won’t take you away Kiva, I promise,” said Orin as he held Kiva close to him.
“How could you stop them they’re from Earth. You know what that planet is like,” said Kiva as she burst into fresh tears, “I won’t even remember your love for me.”
Orin kissed Kiva again softly. “They’ll have to kill me first before you go,” said Orin.
“No,” shouted Kiva, “That would be worse.”
“Than, they’ll have to take me with you.”
“But Orin-”
“Kiva, please I love you so much that if they take you away from me how will I be able to live.”
Kiva stared up at him and finally smiled.
Orin left the tent after an hour of discussing what to do with Kiva and her parents. It was almost midnight when a loud rushing wind erupted over the village they had arrived. Orin ran out of the tent and stared up at a great machine as it began it’s descent.
“NOW,” shouted Orin, “GO NOW!”
Kiva and her parents rushed her out the back and through the cover of the forest. Orin, looked on as the great machine landed. Than shortly a bunch of men covered in camouflage jumped out. Orin, stared at them they looked like great big bushes.
“Where is Kiva?” asked a woman who walked down the ramp.
“Who?” said Orin in response, “I think you’ve got the wrong planet.”
“Scan him,” said the woman as she pointed to three of the men. They rushed forward and grasped tight to Orin’s arms. He struggled but couldn’t escape their clutch. One of the men came over with a flat piece of metal and scanned Orin’s thumb.
“Orin Thimpl Morever,” said the man who was looking at the piece of metal, “25 years of age, blood type o, We have him registered for the school as well.”
“Really,” said the woman she turned back to him and smiled, “I’m Karen, or as you’ll call me Ms. Larson.”
Orin tried to escape again. Men from the group were spreading out and three of them were headed towards Kiva.
“GET AWAY FROM ME WITCH!” shouted Orin as he swung a kick at her.
“Oh, yes a tough one eh,” said Karen as she brushed herself off from his kick. Orin stared at her was she an Earthling, even the men had unnatural strength. They couldn’t have come from Earth.
Orin stopped struggling when he saw Kiva being dragged over to Karen. Karen smiled wickedly.
“We now have the two right here,” she said as she whipped out a bottled and a shot. She took the whole bottle and walked over to her. She screamed as Karen reached her. Karen pulled back her arm and stabbed it with the shot. Kiva, screamed in pain, Orin screamed as he twisted in the soldiers grip.
“STOP IT YOU’RE HURTING HER YOU EVIL WRETCHED LITTLE-” But Orin was cut off by a strong swing to his stomach but he saw his chance and slipped through. He looked back hopelessly as Kiva passed out. Orin rushed away with the thought, I’ll save you Kiva, rushing through his mind as he bounded through the woods. He heard the pounding of feet behind him. He swung easily around the trees and lunged into the river. But he fell face first into the mud he looked behind and saw men grabbing hold of his feet. He saw Karen rush over with another bottle and trying to fill the shot again. Orin took aim and hit her hard in the stomach. Karen tripped and lost her grip on the bottle it couldn’t have been more perfect as the bottle hit a rock and shattered.
Karen looked nothing like a Earthling as her eyes the whole of them had gone black. She had razor fangs protruding from her mouth. Karen took the shot only a bit filled and jabbed it into Orin. Orin howled from the pain, but everything went black.
Orin turned around in his bed. He wasn’t the same Orin as he was before. He had black hair that was short, he also was wearing glasses. His name now was Jim. But Orin knew who he was. Even though Karen had given him the shot he still knew who he was. He lost track of Kiva, and he was being followed by all the women at the school of Kustova. He got really frustrated when a girl tried to kiss him.
“Hey, Jim,” said his roommate, Matt. He was a normal Earthling with brown hair and brown eyes, “We have class soon.”
“Yeah, yeah,” said Orin, “Look I’m going to go later alright.”
“Sure that’s fine,” said Matt as he walked out with his pack.
Orin listened as his footsteps receded away. Orin got out of the bed and dressed quickly. He ran his fingers through his hair. He picked up his pack and headed out as well. Orin shook his head as he saw both girls and guys walking out of dormitories together. In Orin’s honest opinion this was the most disgusting thing he had ever seen. Orin knew that the girls slipped into the guys rooms at night. Orin was absentmindedly walking when he crashed into a girl.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A little bit about me.

So I'm a published author from a small town in Nevada. My book is titled Parallel the Other Planet. I decided to make a blog because I want to promote my dreams and to show the world that I'm serious in my dream and I want to make it come true! I've faced many trials and still wonder where I should go in life and what all I should be doing. When doors have opened they slam shut on my fingers and cause me to be quite upset. But my books have been the only refuge of peace and hope for me. I have suffered much torment and distress with the way things have been. But I have begun to see more hope with my dreams and see the joy that I can receive from showing it out to the world. So I'm going to post a small excerpt from my newest book The Life of the Hidden Gift. I'm not afraid of someone stealing it which is why I'm sharing it. If you wish to read my already published book Parallel then here is the link:

This is a small part that goes back in time to the ancestor of Eathen who is the main character. Night is the one being told the story when a big commotion is caused about Eathen and he has to flee. After Night has been locked up in her room banned to never see Eathen again with the help of her friend Catherine, she escapes. It's on her carriage ride that she is told the story of the one who founded the town Arkanis named after the great wolf who lives on that mountain.

“Papa, why must we leave?” The young boy asked looking at his father, who had tears in his eyes, “We didn’t kill mother, and she would be sad if we left.”
“Tommy, we have to leave,” said his father kneeling down by him, “We can’t live here anymore, and your mother she won’t be sad.”
“Papa, I don’t want to leave,’ said Tommy as he stared at his father, “I don’t understand why we have to leave!”
“I can’t tell you why not now, at least,” said his father looking at him, “But if you want to you can stay here but you will be an orphan because I have to leave this place.”
Tommy looked at his dad whose tears where falling then. Tommy felt his tears as well and nodded his head before wiping the tears away. His father hugged him tightly.
“Don’t worry we will create a new home for ourselves,” said his father looking up into the sky, “a home where no one will be chased away by the town nor judged by how they look.”
“Yeah,” said Tommy as he grasped his fathers hand. But Tommy could sense there was much more to this leaving then just because they couldn’t live there no more.
They soon reached the mountain that Arkanis lived on. His father knew the woods so well and had found them food so effortlessly. Tommy also felt that his father was hiding more from him then he could ever believe. It hurt him, but they had found there home a plot of land that was a great place for them to build their new home. A new world.
They built their own house before they knew it slaves and other people had escaped from their own homes to start a new world for themselves. Tommy noticed that his father always welcomed in anyone. Even vagabond pirates and Vikings.
“We are doing well right, Tom?” Asked Tommy’s dad as he helped carry the dead elk back for the town.
“I guess so,” answered Tommy, even though he was eighteen years old, so people called him Tom. He though felt that many of the men who were living there weren’t there for what his father and him meant.
“We’ll rest for a while,” said his father as he stretched. He started to build up their tent as Tom took the meat and carried it to a tall tree. He climbed up the tree tying the elk high from bears and other carnivorous creatures, “That’s good, go get us some fish!” Tom looked down at his father before heading off to get the food they would eat. He stared at the water as the fish flashed allowing him to know which where healthy and which weren’t. He didn’t know why but now this was simple to do. He knew the difference between the good vegetation and the trusted plants and ones that held things that could kill him.
Tom looked up at the cry of his father. He dropped the fish charging to where he and his father had set up camp. Tom could see a large group surrounding their camp site, his father in the middle. He wanted to rush to his fathers side but he could tell the men surrounding his father were Pirates and Vikings working together.
“You old fool!” Shouted the leader of the Pirates, “I know you carry the treasure Arkanis! It’s held on you at all times!”
“You must be wrong,” said his father, “I do not carry his treasure on myself but in me.”
“Well if that be it,” the Pirate turned to his mates and Vikings running his thumb across his throat, “Slit him.”
“NO!” Screamed Tom as the large sword slashed against his father. Everything went black consuming him in a pit of endless anger. He fought to keep conscious but the anger knocked him out.
Tom felt a few wet drops hit his face. He opened his eyes to a small downpour. Around him where wolves who were dragging dead bodies of the pirates and Vikings away as well as his father.
“Leave him be,” cried Tom. He cried out clutching his side breathing in deeply. He looked back up to his father only to see a transforming man to wolf, “What?”
“You are a young pup,” said a large black dappled blue wolf, “I am the leader of the night wolves pack, Arian. Arkanis has chosen your family to carry the gene of legend. Of course you let your anger get the better of you here.”
Tom stared at the wolf jaw dropped. Tom noticed his eyes glistened a gold-honey color with a scar stretching one side of his mouth up to his left eye. Arian lifted his head up and howled. Two other dark colored wolves appeared. Tom noticed one was dark red with blue eyes. The other was deep green flecked black, his eyes where completely black.
“They are the Nurse wolves for our pack they will heal your wounds,” said Arian as he walked to the wolf who once was his father.
The other two wolves knelt down beside him scooping his arms around their backs. Tom clasped onto their fur as they dragged him to a rock. He pulled himself up onto the rock he had few wounds, the wolves licked each wound ceasing blood and helping it to congeal.
“Must be frightful,” said the red wolf, “I am Irin, she is my sister Zen. We can’t tell you all but if you want a full story on yourself it would be best to travel with us to Arkanis.”
“I won’t visit a devil,” said Tom as he stared at his arm. The scar of the pentagram more prominent now then ever.
“Arkanis is not a devil,” said Zen who choose to lay across Toms feet, “He is the one to have blessed you and you curse his name?”
“Bless me?” Tom shouted at the wolves, “More like cursed, I’m a murderer to have killed innocent men!”
“Innocent, huh?” Arian crossed over to Tom, “Then does that make all killers who’ve never been caught innocent? You are not a murderer because you are not yet eating them and you spare their lives but they choose to kill themselves when they hear our cries. In their eyes it is better to kill ones self rather then be a wolfs dinner.”
“I don’t care nothing is good that Arkanis has given my father and me,” said Tom as tears brimmed, “My mother killed herself because of me. How does that make me feel?”
“She didn’t even get to know you,” said Arian as he began to walk. Tom stood and followed because he wanted to hear more, “That woman choose to let you live I’ll give her credit there but how foolish for her to just toss her life away before you could talk. I bet all she allowed to see was her fear and not the truth. How pitiful humans can be, we wolves watch and guard over each other.”
“I need to go back,” said Tom as he looked back at the small lights on the hill, “I’ll see Arkanis some other time. Besides it is late.”
“I can carry you there in a few hours and then take you back home,” said Arian as he looked at Tom.
“No, I’ll come tomorrow-” said Tom as he began. Arian howled as his pack surrounded Tom.
“You must come now,” said Arian as he looked at Tom in the face, “You have transformed for the first time it is time to learn more about yourself. Get on.”
Tom stood there looking at Arians back and at the surrounding wolves. He knew he couldn’t tear past them, and he didn’t want to kill any of them. He sighed and climbed onto Arians back. Arian howled as did the rest of the night wolves before charging up the mountain to the peak were Arkanis lived.
Tom rubbed his face after Arian stopped at the opening of a large cave.
“I’d rather die right now, kill me it must be better!” Tom screamed glaring at the wolves he was tired and was emotionally distraught hoping that somehow it was a dream or he was dead.
“You are foolish,” said Arian, “I understand how this is too hard to comprehend right now but you better learn and then you can go do what ever you want.”
Tom stood there as the wolves ran off. He had no way to go back home especially since he had not eaten anything and was dehydrated. He looked at the large caves opening. It was the only choice he had. He knocked on the granite making a small tapping noise.
“Hello?” Tom called out to the cave. A soft yellow glow shown further in.
“Come in,” called a old mans voice.
Tom stood there confused he didn’t know what to do, so he moved forward into the dark cave following the light. He finally reached a small house like setting. The cave itself had a large rug laid out. A small fireplace had a fire crackling in it. He saw a table with a dinner laid out. Next to a wood burning stove stood a hunched over man who turned to him. He had a tumor on his forehead that pushed his right eye closed he was hunched over painfully and only had one arm as the right sleeve of his shirt swung back and forth. He placed the platter of Elks meat down and gave a toothless smile to Tom.
“Go on,” he slurred pointing to a chair for Tom to sit in. He reached in to a mug pulling out a pair of dentures. Tom watched as he stuck the yellowed teeth some covered by gold, “Or are you not hungry?”
“Are you Arkanis?” Tom asked as he sat down. The man began to serve him some meat.
“Hah! Nah, boy, I’m not that great spirit,” said the man as he pulled out a bottle of red raspberries pouring them into his glass, “Arkanis has gone to pay your father respect he should be back soon. You’ll know when, young pup.”
Tom stared as the man wandered over to the fireplace scattering the hot embers to the other part of the hearth. Tom turned back to the plate of food. He didn’t trust it even though his stomach complained at the sweet smell. Then a chill filled his bones, he crawled out of the chair and bent down to the entrance of the cave. Tom tried to pull himself up but he couldn’t. He saw paws of a large wolf in front of his eyes.
“Just like your father after he inherited my blood,” said a low rumbling voice, “You may go back and eat.”
As soon as the voice had spoke Tom stood and turned back to his food. He caught a glimpse of a large wolf on his hind legs. He sat down poking his food.
“Not much of an eater eh, Baron?” The wolf sat down across Tom. Starting on his food he was very clean as he ate the meat. Tom couldn’t help but stare at him.
“Are you-”
“Arkanis,” the wolf finished for Tom, “That I am Tom. I’m sorry about your father, he was a great man.”
Tom kept quite as Arkanis sipped his drink. He finally took a piece of meat and ate it. He was surprised as it soothed his groaning stomach.
“Good, eh?” Arkanis asked, “Baron is an amazing cook he sadly has hit many obstacles, I’m helping him recuperate. My wolves have told me that you were here for questions, since you now have my blood. Am I wrong?”
Tom looked from Baron back to Arkanis. He shook his head. Arkanis smiled.
“Not a man of many words, of course you would have said three if I hadn’t finished your question,” chuckled Arkanis, “You now have my blood a power that many wish for but few obtain control over. You may know them as werewolves, foolish men to call upon the devil to obtain my blood. What your father did differently was he came here himself nearly dead to obtain my powers. A wise choice.”
Tom stared at Arkanis.
“How is that a wise choice?” Tom asked with anger before clamping a hand over his mouth.
“It was a wise choice,” said Arkanis, “Because he searched for it himself and he believed without asking the help of the devil. Of course he didn’t gain perfection. Emotions that become to extreme causes my blood to boil to a point of becoming a wolf. Lycanthropy is what you would call it. You choose when you want to become the wolf by allowing your emotions to become such an absorption of power. Then you release it into your body making it turn you into a monster.”
“That’s horrible,” said Tom glaring at Arkanis.
“Horrible?” Arkanis laughed, “It is how everyone is when they become filled with a deep emotion just because they don’t transform into wolves they are gentle, kind, people? That’s stupidity right there if you believe that no one else gets as angry as you, everyone does male or female they each have a hard time controlling emotions. It’s just how it is.”
Tom looked at Arkanis what he had said made sense people all got angry and did become monsters. He looked at the wolf as he chuckled with Baron.
“So, what can I do?” Tom asked.
“I have all the help I need,” laughed Arkanis looking at Baron, “How about you just go live with your people in that land. But, if you have a place for Baron after he is healed could you let him stay?”
Baron gasped at what Arkanis had asked.
“Yeah,” said Tom, smiling.
“Very well, I shall call the Day wolves. Perhaps they will be nicer to you,” said Arkanis as he walked to the caves opening. Tom followed with Baron behind him with a large box of Elks meat. Arkanis howled and then yipped. Large white and orange dappled wolves came from behind the trees howling and yipping as well, “I give you this elk’s meat to apologize for what my wolves did.”
“Thank you,” said Tom as he looked at the large colorful wolves, “But how will I get it home?”
“The alpha male can take it. Aron,” called Arkanis. A large white wolf with orange patches across his fur walked forward with pride, “He is a kind leader one who keeps an eye on his pack and others whom I want to be taken care of. He is still a strong alpha do not try fighting or arguing with him. As alphas are not afraid to fight.”
“I will take care of you, Tom,” said Aron. Tom turned to him his light blue eyes glittered at him.
“Yeah, thanks,” said Tom he turned to Arkanis and bowed, “Thanks.”
“Understand, how your father was killed, was a silver sword through his heart,” said Arkanis holding a clawed finger up, “Stay away from silver it is dangerous it won’t kill unless it is pierced through the heart. You’ll just have a highly allergic reaction. Those, darn pirates had a silver sword, which is how your father died.”
Tom stared at Arkanis before nodding his head in understanding. He climbed onto the back of Aron. Baron strapped the meat on waving goodbye as Aron charged down the mountain to the town.
“Whose there?” Tom said as he looked around the trees. He stopped as he saw the Day wolves curled up next to a woman with strawberry blonde hair and white skin. He stood there stunned for a moment at her beauty and her voice.
“I’m sorry,” she answered as she brushed a hand down Aron’s back, “I just ran away from home and I came upon these wolves. They accepted me and told me that there was a town near by I would be welcome to.”
She turned to look at Tom. He was frozen to the spot at the beauty she radiated. Aron woofed softly looking at Tom, he winked.
“You must have been searching for this town,” said Tom, “the town is called Arkanis. Named after-”
“-After Arkanis himself, right?” Finished the woman, “I’m Lena.”
“Tom,” Tom held out his hand, Lena took it standing up. Her skirt was covered in the wolves hair. They really did like and accepted her very much, “either way you should come with me, especially if you want a place to stay. I’ll walk you there.”
“Thank you,” said Lena as she got up brushing her periwinkle blue dress. Tom restrained his face from blushing as best as he could. He walked a little ahead of her trying to make sure his face wasn’t shown as much, “so what is the town like?”
Tom looked at her confused but blushed when he saw her eyes glint with wonder and excitement. He thought about the town for a while, wondering what he should tell her. His mind flicked through past memories but the ones that stood out where the towns people after he came home with a pack of wolves. The towns people frightened pleaded for him to keep a curfew and would only go out into the woods to bathe when needed. They hated seeing their new leader surround by creatures who lurked in their nightmares.
“It is a town where anyone is accepted, no matter your background or rank. We respect and include anyone who wants to feel like they have someone to care for them. Even if it is all a lie. But you may be very welcomed and taken cared of,” said Tom.
Lena slowed her pace staring at his shoulders. They had tightened when he had talked about the town. In her hometown they had previously told her the story of the young princess killing herself and her son and husband leaving heading for a new life. Her family had gained the status of Baron and Baroness and she was treated warmly there but it wasn’t exciting or new. She fled to find a new life, maybe even someone to love, Tom was a prospective suitor especially for his looks. Lena giggled softly, a wolf nudged her hand. Lena looked at her, the wolf cocked her head to Tom where she saw the Alpha male beside him.
“Are you sure you want her to come to this town?” Whispered Aron to Tom.
“What else can I do?” Tom whispered back to Aron. Aron sighed howling. The other wolves joined him before they bounded into the forest. Tom understood this was Arkanis’s land and he would have to let Arkanis know that a new settler had arrived. Since his fathers death Arkanis had told Tom to tell him about the town and everything around it.
“We’re here,” said Tom as he pushed the willows branches away.
Lena stared in awe at the small village. It had small but warm houses all around with beautiful gardens. The square had many small stores with little kids playing around a fountain of wolves. She considered the town to be a very nice place. She looked over at Tom, who was glaring at the town. He didn’t seem pleased at all, about the beauty of the town.
“Let’s go,” Tom grabbed Lena’s hand dragging her down into the valley where the town was nestled.
Tom pulled Lena passed all the people, ignoring the women’s gasps and small kids cries. He was looking straight at the Barons Inn. He was hoping Baron wouldn’t be full right now. Lena could stay there for a while. Tom opened the door to a small jingle of the bell above. He pulled Lena in and headed to the desk where a short balding man stood organizing the keys to the rooms. He turned to look at Tom, he smiled. Tom returned the smile, Baron from his first visit with Arkanis stood in front of him. He was completely healed. The tumor over his eye was gone and his teeth were repaired. He wasn’t hunched over either he was standing straight.
“Tom, what a pleasant surprise,” said Baron wrapping his hand around Toms.
“Thank you Baron but I have a request,” said Tom making sure that Lena was visible for Baron to see, “ This is Lena she needs a place to stay, do you have any room?”
“Of course I do,” said Baron as he turned to grab a key, “I’ll have her stay for free until you can stand on your own here. Just sign here.”
Baron placed a small black leather bound book for her to sign. Lena signed it. Baron handed her the key to her room. Tom bid them both farewell before heading off to his house.
He closed the door of his home taking a deep breath in before he heard a small cough. He looked up to see Arkanis sitting in his living room. He smiled at Tom.
“Well, seems a single lady has joined the pack, eh?” Arkanis chuckled.
“I don’t care about a woman like her,” snarled Tom, “Remember I swore never to continue this gene onto others, it is a curse!”
“Oh, you fool,” said Arkanis, “Believe in whatever you want but there is an evil presence near and they will not allow for her to live here. Be warned your powers are not a curse but a blessing for people all around. Nothing is ever a curse but a blessing. You will see young pup.”
Arkanis left, slamming the door shut. Tom grasped the edge of a table his nails carving out the wood. He snapped his neck side to side, trying to calm himself. His fury left and he was able to relax. Tom was determined that what Arkanis claimed to be a blessing was a curse in full. He would not be persuaded otherwise, it would never be anything more, and most defiantly would not be a blessing.
Tom walked down the street to buy a sack of wheat. He noticed Lena who was playing with children in the fountain. The kids laughed as she chased them around. Tom felt that it would be great to have a woman like her as his wife and mother of his children…wait what was he thinking, he didn’t want that.
Tom turned to see a soaked Lena rushing towards him. The kids followed her but when they saw him hid behind her dripping skirts. Lena tried to coax the kids to face Tom but they refused.
“It’s alright,” said Tom, “How are you adapting to the town?”
“I love it here!” Lena said throwing her arms up. Tom couldn’t help but to smile slightly. The kids, noticed and giggled, pointing to his mouth.
“I should go,” said Tom feeling uncomfortable. He stopped because something held his pant leg. He looked down to see a young boy looking up at him with big eyes.
“Mister Tom, you’re a wolf right but you act very human,” said the boy with a smile.
“A wolf?” Lena looked at Tom quizzically.
“No idea where he got that. I need to go,” Tom repeated pulling away from the boys grasp. Tom hurried and bought the wheat, that was until he was stopped again.
“Oh, Tom my dear boy, these two men have been looking for a place to stay. Think you can help them out?”
“Mr. Finch I need to go, but just have them head to the Inn,” said Tom heading off. He was tugged back he turned his head to see a smiling Mr. Finch, “Please, I just…oh, fine.”
Tom looked at the two men. One had long red hair that was waved down to his shoulders. The other had black chin length hair. Their eyes both brown glared at him, and he sensed a wolves prescience to them. He shuddered before walking to Barons Inn. The men followed, whispering softly as Tom tried to speed up his walk.
“Here,” Tom said after they arrived to the doors of the Inn, “Just tell Baron I told you to stay here.”
“Hmm, I see,” said the red haired man, “Perchance do you think you’d want to grab a drink with us?”
“I don’t drink,” mumbled Tom before heading off. He was jerked back again by the man with black hair.
“No need to be harsh,” he said, “Let us introduce ourselves, the name is Glor.”
“Peter,” said the red haired man.
“Anyways,” said Glor, gripping Tom’s shoulder tightly, “We just want to get to know the founder of this town! And we take it that’s you?”
Tom glared at them wrenching himself from Glor’s grip and storming back to his place.
“See you later, Tommy!”
Tom froze only his father called him that and the fact that these strangers just used such a name angered him to a point that he fled to the forest. His body becoming a wolf. It felt great he realized with the speed a wolf could run and the strength of his body was wonderful. He looked at the trees playing chicken with them and jumping over the bushes. He felt free and felt that there would be no need to worry as a wolf. He heard a howl and froze. His ears turned to the far left.
“Thought you wouldn’t do this again,” said Arian. He stood proud on a small ledge over the river Tom had just jumped. He held a smile.
“Needed to feel free,” answered Tom laying down to show respect to Arian.
Arian jumped from the rock and headed to Tom. He sniffed Tom’s nose in greeting and nipped his ear slightly to show dominance over him.
“That is fine, we like to run with our own kind though,” said Arian as he looked at Tom, “Come join us for a hunt and have a feast like never before.”
Tom couldn’t help but smile and followed quickly in Arian’s wake.
“Leave me alone Peter, we’re through!”
Tom stopped he held the door to Barons Inn open. Lena was trying to pull away from Peter.
“Stop this Lena and go back home,” said Peter, his red hair draped over his face.
“No!” Lena cried. She was shaking in his clutches as if Peter had shown her a freighting scene, “I beg of you please leave, I don’t want you to-”
“Peter,” said Tom walking up. He didn’t want to hear more all he knew was that these men were to not be trusted, “I thought you said we are going out for a drink?”
Lena looked at Tom in relief but fear. Fear for what?
“Oh, right,” said Peter. He turned to Glor and nodded. Glor stepped away from the wall he was leaning against, “Shall we?”
Tom walked ahead and out the door he waited for Peter to appear before he grabbed him by the shoulders and threw him against the buildings wall.
“Listen! I don’t give a care who you are. But if I see you threaten Lena again, I will chase you out of town!” Tom snarled slamming Peter again. Glor, grasped his one arm and ripped it off of Peter. Tom felt welts rise from were he had punctured his skin.
“You better, watch yourself,” growled Peter, as he rubbed his shoulders, “You don’t even know the situation you are in right now.”
“Just leave my sight,” said Tom before he stormed back to his house.
Tom slammed the door shut before he heard a low growl. He looked to see Aron and Arian looking at him with hatred.
“You foolish boy you don’t even know what they are do you?” Arian snapped at Tom.
“What do you mean?” Tom looked at the wolves. Then a howl echoed through the air with screams of the townspeople. Tom turned and rushed opening the door to two large wolves, standing on their hind legs, who tossed a young boy across the street and into the far building. He screamed in pain trying to crawl away. The wolves charged towards the boy. Tom screamed, no. But a large white wolf flew past him grasping one of the wolves throat thrusting him down onto all fours. But his companion did not wait to tear Aron off of him. Arian charged and grasped the second wolfs shoulder throwing him back onto the ground.
“You better join them!”
Tom turned to see Baron looking at him, with a glint of anger in his eyes. Tom nodded before he allowed for his anger to turn him. He clasped onto his human morals, and charged at the wolves, who were slashing at Aron and Arian. Tom leapt off the ground, one of the wolves turned snarling at him. Tom opened his jaw and clamped down hard onto the wolfs jaw. The wolf snarled and flipped his snout back. Tom, felt blood drip into his mouth but he refused to relinquish his hold on him.
Aron snatched the wolfs shoulder dragging him down onto the ground. Arian snarled, howling and then he spoke to the large wolf.
“Get out if you do leave I will not kill you!”
“Ha, you’re just a wolf,” spoke the captive wolf. He looked over to see his only companion had fled, Tom felt him shudder briefly from fear, “Do you even know what I am?”
Wait, thought Tom, I recognize this voice. With a sudden realization he understood this was Glor, friend of Peter. What was Glor doing being in the form a wolf wasn’t he and his father the only ones who got Arkanis’s blood? Then he remembered Arkanis had said other men sought his blood but did it by the means of the Devil himself. Could Glor be one of these Devil manifestations?
“You are a werewolf,” scoffed Arian, “A pathetic half-breed whose own companion refuses to stay with him. A wolf without his pack is nothing!”
“It doesn’t matter, he has probably caught that Lena girl now,” chuckled Glor. A loud scream echoed to them. Tom felt his heart pound in fear for Lena. Arian grabbed Glor by the throat suffocating him tell he passed out. Tom transformed back to human looking over to where a huge wolf stood holding Lena in his clutches.
“Go!” Shouted an all too familiar voice, Arkanis.
Tom looked to Arkanis who was chanting over Aron and Arian whose bodies stretched and formed into humans.
“You have chosen her and she is a strong Alpha female,” said Arkanis turning to Glors wolf body, “I will teach this one a lesson.”
Tom nodded looking at Arian with his long black dappled blued hair, and goatie. Aron had long flowing white hair but a clean face. Arian also had black skin as Aron had white skin. They nooded to Tom who charged to the large werewolf.
“Finally arrived, eh?” Snarled the wolf.
“Peter?” Tom froze and stared at the werewolf his fur was a dark red.
“You got it now, eh?” Smirked the wolf. He pulled Lena’s arm up to his mouth drool dripped onto her arm, “Have you heard that if us werewolves bite another they will become a werewolf as well. In essence we are like vampires injecting Arakanis’s blood into the victims system. The young boy will transform soon and I will make Lena mine forever!”
Lena screamed as Peters teeth sunk into her arm. Arian jumped and ripped Peters head back snapping his teeth out of Lenas arms. Aron jumped and slammed into Peters chest sending Peter to let go of Lena and tumble to the ground. Tom rushed over to Lena who was hyperventilating.
“TOM! WHAT IS GOING ON!?” Lena screamed it staring at her wounds.
“Didn’t you know they where werewolves?” Tom asked recalling her fear when Peter looked at her.
Tom looked at her wound and then at her face tears were flowing down in floods. Her jaw chattered from fear as she stared at Tom wide-eyed in great fear. Her chest was heaving up and down so quickly he feared she was going to have a heart attack.
Tom turned to see Baron rushing over to them. He knelt down beside Lena, whose face relaxed instantly. Baron looked at her arm and then his eyes filled with tears.
“I need to take her to Arkanis,” said Baron helping Lena up and wrapped her unwounded arm around his shoulders, “You need to help your brothers.”
Tom looked at Arian and Aron who stood in authority even when Peter towered over them in his wolf form.
“Alright,” said Tom before he called to receive the wolfs power and charged right at Peter.
Peter howled as Tom latched on to his throat in his wolf form. Aron and Arian charged and hit Peters shoulders, sending the titan wolf down onto the ground. Peter snarled before he pushed his hand under Tom’s chest and flung him high into the air. He spun taking Arian and slamming him into Aron as they skidded across the dirt road. Tom fell down and landed on his side. A resonating crack echoed. Tom yelped, trying to stand but his leg could not support him anymore. He needed to return as a human, but he felt weak. Peter, glared at him and charged flinging Tom across the street and smashing him into the fountain. One of the wolves shattered at Tom’s impact. Tom curled his tail between his legs twitching in fear and pain. He looked at Peter and howled. Aron and Arian stood up looking around in the shadows. People started showing each was defined by the darkness of skin to the lightness of hair. They howled back, revealing they were the Day and Night wolf packs.
“You won’t win!” Snarled Peter picking up Tom.
“Remember, Peter, a wolf is nothing without his pack!”
Tom launched again at Peters throat, breaking skin. The other packs slammed Peter down onto the ground with a shattering crunch. No matter how hard Peter tried to get away he couldn’t the wolves, howled as more showed. Wolves from around the mountain were charging in grasping Peter down. Aron and Arian returned to their wolf forms clamping onto Peters thorax. Peter, twisted and gasped, before he finally lost conscience.
Tom, released his hold, turning human again. He stared stunned as the Wolf began to return to the human form of Peter, unlike when his father died. Aron and Arian became human again placing their hands on his shoulders as Tom shook. He turned his head to the sky and screamed, before he bent down and slammed his hand hard into the debris of the fountain. He hadn’t wanted to kill anyone even if they had caused trouble he was sure they hadn’t killed.
Tom shook his head not wanting to even hear Arkanis’s voice right now. He was angry at him for having such cursed blood running through his veins.
“Tom,” said a gentler voice.
Tom looked at Lena she was smiling even though she was shaking. She gasped as she began to sob. Tom stood up and grasped her in a tight hug as she sobbed into his chest. This was the reason why he had killed for someone he wanted to protect and save, for someone he loved. Lena stopped crying out loud but her body still shook in his hold. Tom looked at Arkanis noticing Arkanis had a soften look. He headed towards Peters body placing a hand over his heart before a white transparent hand grasped his. Tom stared as a former image of Peter appeared.
“You foolish man, do you regret now?” Arkanis asked softly to Peters after image.
“Yes,” said Peter in a whisper that seemed to echo around the town.
“Go be free but may this moment not leave your mind until your soul becomes solid white,” with that Arkanis released Peters hand as he floated away.
Peter looked at Tom and smiled softly tears started to fall from his eyes. As he finally disappeared, rain poured down around them. Soft and gentle and seemingly to have come out of nowhere.
“Good-bye,” whispered Tom up to the sky.

This last part is a continuation of Tom's story where he meets Lina who becomes his wife. All though this is a look back into the past it tells enough of what the story is. I love the characters who come to life for me to be able to see their world and understand their emotions. I love to write and I don't plan to ever stop writing.
I'm not very good at updating but I will try to do so as often as I can. Oh, BTW I also do music videos I like to remix songs with pictures and music to make it awesome. But I'll save that for another post. ;)

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