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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Screaming Pain

So have you ever heard of someone slipping back into the person they once were? No, well it's happening to me. I have been getting pushed from all sides and I'm getting sick of it. When I was in high school I fought back I made people regret messing with me. I sound really cruel right? If you think that is the case then fine but I wasn't. I was bullied through out most of my school life, I was the only one though who stood up to the bullies and made them back off. I wasn't a this super sweet girl, innocent yes yes I was innocent. But when I went to college I began to have a bit more to enjoy with my life and there wasn't so much worry any more. But now it's returning because of what others are saying. People, call me cruel they call me mean and they are always pointing out what is wrong with me. I know what's wrong with me why do I need a bunch of imperfect people telling me too? I just dislike it and the stupid thing it's over something that EVERY SINGLE STICKING PERSON DOES. Hmm, what's that? FORGET!!!! Hello, isn't that a common trait in EVERYONE everyone forgets things and then when someone brings it up they remember. But apparently I'm suppose to be this perfect little mind read who never ever forgets a single things and gets through it easily. If I have to then I'm going to back to my past self the one who stared people down and told them to shut up and leave me alone else I would bite, and not in the nice vampire way.
Anyways I'm done. Enjoy the rest of your day. :]

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Nevada SPCA Animal Rescue: Few seem to notice that I am a superstar.

Nevada SPCA Animal Rescue: Few seem to notice that I am a superstar.: "Bigger dogs, like Desert Rose, eagerly await daily visitors, often with wagging tails and smiles. But the truth is that most people walk ri..."

You're going to have to click the link to view the rest. I do alot of volunteer work. Just waiting for my chance to finish my second book which, surprise, surprise is based all around wolves. I love dogs and it has grown harder to work at the shelters when I really want to take home a beautiful dog such as this beauty. I really want her Desert Rose is beautiful and a total sweetheart. I met her once and instantly fell in love with her. I have a soft spot for my big dogs. All though I like small dogs as well having a companion who I can easily pet is a lot nicer then one I have to pick up. Plus I want a dog who can tough it up in the Sierra's. I love to volunteer I enjoy being able to work around people who care about others and the animals. I just enjoy knowing that there are still people out there who have big hearts. It's interesting because all the shelters have a tiny bit of competition going on but for the most part are desiring for a dog to get a good home. I really enjoy it. And I can tell you that dogs are absolutely wonderful pets. Cats are too but I'm really missing having a good old puppy dog with me right now. :')

“Oh, you’ll love it this year we have more people who moved in just recently,” said Susan, Ana’s sister.
“Whatever,” said Ana. Her parents had forced her into going when she was going to the Goth Fest in Nevada, but they said that she deserved quality time with her sister. Her sister was forty and she, Ana, was only twenty.
“I must warn you though,” said her sister her tone serious now, “We have some new neighbors who have a corn maze. Now their not too welcoming yet, so I suggest that you don’t go anywhere near them. The sheriff had many strange reports on them.”
Ana just rolled her eyes and continued to stare out the window. What would she be doing in a corn maze? Her niece was already getting married and she wished that she had a man of her own, not wanting to come for that reason. She looked out as they passed an evil looking scarecrow. Maybe it won’t be so boring after all, thought Ana.
The car rolled into the drive way and Ana jumped out. She saw huge stalks of corn behind their fence and just smiled. They walked up to the house and entered. Ana was greeted by her niece and three nephews. She smiled at the youngest one. Stephen he was only twelve and was easy to scare. The second youngest was Jeff he had braces and thick glasses he was the smart one. Then the oldest boy was Jared, his bushy dirty blond hair was hidden under a straw hat. In addition, Emily her brown hair and brown eyes were very pronounced.
“Ana, it’s good to see you,” said Emily wrapping her arms around Ana.
“Em,” came a voice form the kitchen. A strange guy with black hair and dark skin walked in and kissed Emily. Ana took him to be George. He looked to be American-Indian.
“Okay, don’t forget there are little ones,” said Ana pointing to her nephews.
George and Emily pulled away and blushed. Not very brave I see, thought Ana.
“Well, Emily you and George are in charge while me and Jack go to the town meeting. The twelfth death this year it is getting serious,” said Susan as she closed the door behind her.
Ana pondered what would make so many deaths but decided not to ask. She turned around and looked at Emily and George with real intent.
“Hey,” she said loud enough for them all to turn and look at her, “Why don’t we go to that corn maze behind the house. I heard its suppose to have a party in the middle.”
“There ain’t no party there,” said George, looking worried, “besides I would have heard.”
“Well, Susan said there was and told me that if I told you guys first she and Jack could get a little alone time,” Ana had a sweet innocent look on her face.
“Oh, George lets go it will be fun,” said Emily faltering first. Bingo, thought Ana, Emily would have fallen first.
George agreed and they headed out side the full moon made things even better. Ana told stories about werewolves and how they like the country best because of its open land. She told them that she was safe and they were doomed to being turned into werewolves. Jeff protested but still he looked as if he would have a fit. Stephen was shaking all over and Jared kept on checking behind them to make sure no one was following. Even George had a slight look of horror written on his face. Emily was pretending to be scared but she had a slight smile on her face.
They entered the corn maze and fell into a dense forest of stalks and leaves. Ana just smiled as Stephen began to cry and Jeff was shaking and his neck hair standing on end. Jared was looking around in horror. And George was holding tight to Emily’s hand. They started into the forest. Ana soon lost sight of them and began to wander. She heard footsteps but they were more like a large dog walking. She froze and looked around a howl went out and she felt her feet stay firm to the ground.
“Ha, Ha, you guys nice try,” shouted Ana.
“We didn’t do anything,” they shouted back sounding sincerely confused.
Ana looked behind her as she heard a growl. A huge wolf stood on his two hind legs was staring down at her in excitement. Ana let out a blood curdling scream she heard the others scream for help and heard crashing of stalks. Ana couldn’t move she was frozen she felt her throat block out the air and she began to hyperventilate. Then swiftly the wolf bit her. She screamed as he ran off, she continued to scream and scream. Soon George had his arms wrapped around her but she wouldn’t shut up. That was no wolf she knew that it was a werewolf.
They were standing outside the cornfield her nephews shaking all over as George tended to the bite. Ana knew that it wouldn’t matter she was stuck and doomed to become a werewolf. Her body throbbed to change but she fought. Every now and then she turned and threw up. Her throat was sore and her stomach was lurching. Her whole body was screaming for her to change.
“How did you get bit,” asked Emily as she watched her fiancĂ© wrap her arm.
“I was…lost and saw…a huge dog and…he bit…me,” Ana panted. That’s true whether he was mythical or not, thought Ana.
Ana screamed and curled up on the ground her body lurched and she coughed up blood as she continued to scream. Her nieces fiancĂ© told her to call 911. Ana begged for the sun to come up and ease away her pain. She couldn’t believe how well she was able to control her transformation. She felt her heart thump hard against her rib-cage and felt as if it had cracked. She held tight to keep her form as her bones grew and shrunk. She wished for it to end and then it did.
Ana opened her eyes and stared at the rising sun. She gasped in deep breaths as her heart returned to a normal pace. Her body stopped throbbing to change into a werewolf. You did it, you made yourself not change into a werewolf, Ana thought, but was it real? An ambulance rushed into the drive way and paramedics rushed over to her. Ana sighed she must not have imagined it. She was what she was. One of the paramedics brushed her face. Ana opened her eyes to a young man her age his dark hair and deep blue eyes spoke of comfort for her. He examined her and then noticed the bandage on her arm. He removed it to discover the gashes from the bite. But when he looked back at her he seemed to know everything.
“She got bit by a dog in the corn maze,” explained Emily to the other paramedic.
“She could have rabies,” said the paramedic talking to Emily.
“It isn’t rabies, John,” said the paramedic tending to Ana.
“Don’t be absurd Jake she has to have rabies the symptoms they said point to it,” said John as he rolled his sleeves.
“No, she’s fine she just was having a fit that’s all but I would like to come by every day at one and five,” said Jake as he looked down at her, “And I would like to come by on every full moon and stay all night with her to be sure all will be well.”
Emily agreed and the two men left. Ana sat on the ground staring at her shaking hands. She got up and rushed back into the cornfield terrified. She fell down on the ground as soon as she was unable to hear the others cry for her.
“Well, well look a ‘ere, the little misses from last night.” Ana turned her head up to a man with pointed ears and razor sharp teeth. He had more hair than usual and had a weird gleam in his eyes.
“How, but the only way you could was if you were the-,” Ana froze as she saw the dry blood on his chest.
“Of course I am that werewolf,” he said picking Ana up off the ground by her neck, “You are now one of us and you have no choice but to join if you don’t then I will kill your family.”
Ana pulled at his arm her head feeling clogged from the loss of oxygen to her lungs. She nodded her head hoping for him to drop her and let her go. She fell to the ground.
“That be fair warning,” he said as he ran back into the cornfield like a wolf.
Ana could not bear it she curled up on the ground and began to cry she cried and cried until she finally fell asleep.


Ana laid stiff in bed. Last night was a horror movie all of its own. She turned over as the fresh tears flooded her vision. She got up out of bed and opened her window determined to jump out. This was what she had to do. She jumped out landing firmly on her feet. She looked around. It was amazing a two story jump and she was unharmed? She decided to run off into the woods out back.
“I can’t believe this is it, I can never return home I’m stuck here to suffer,” said Ana as she jumped into the river.
“What?” Ana looked around and saw Jake looking for her.
Ana didn’t know why he couldn’t see her when she could so clearly see him. She waded out but it would have been better to just jump in and drown. Ana shook her head. She shouldn’t say such things she would escape. Ana went to turn but crashed over a rock and screamed. She stared down at her ripped pant leg with fresh blood spilling over it. Jake rushed over to her.
“Ana,” said Jake as he looked at her to never run away again, “You’re hurt.”
Ana pulled her leg away. But screamed when the wound stretched more.
“Don’t do that! Let me take care of this,” said Jake as he pulled out a small first-aid kit. He worked on her wound as Ana stared out at the forest.
“You really are afraid aren’t you,” said Jake as he tied the bandage off.
“Yes, wouldn’t you knowing your life has completely changed,” she looked at him and he looked up at her. She felt her heart beat a little faster when she saw the hurt look in his eyes.
“Of course, I do,” said Jake as he picked her up, “I think I understand more of your pain than anyone else does.”
Ana kept her mouth shut after that. He gathered her up in his arms and headed back to the house.
“Why? I’m trash, I deserve this punishment. I don’t want anyones help, I already proved how worthless I am,” Ana, said as tears came back.
“Stop it. Ana, your not trash, okay look you don’t want help that’s fine I’m just doing though what a man should do. Can you at least allow that?” He looked at her.
“Why are you saying such things?” Ana said, tears escaping like never before, “I don’t deserve this type of kindness I’m dark and cold-blooded. You should hate me!”
“How can I hate you when I don’t know you?”
Jake stopped walking and looked at Ana.
“Than you should hate me as well,” he said looking at her, “I may not seem it right now but I like the dark and love cold and scary things. I MAY KNOW MORE ABOUT YOU THEN YOU REALIZE!!!!”
Ana stared at him his cheeks were flushed and his eyes had tears beginning in them. He was shaking as well. She turned away.
“I’m sorry,” she whispered.
Jake sighed before going on back to her place.

Squidoo: How you can still follow your dreams when no one believes.