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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Why I dream.

You know many times I get asked why I dream so much in one day? Well my answer is very simple.
When I was young I went through a car crash and had to suffer the rest of my life through bullying and failings of school. I was very lucky to have passed. But during those difficult times was when I met three amazing characters.
Stark from my published book Parallel the Other Planet.
Dracula the good old evil vampire.
And Larry a werewolf.
Pathetic might be what many of you are thinking, or man is this girl crazy. I don't care what you think but people need to imagine and believe in things others do not see. As an author those three were very real to me. I had met them got to know their individual stories. I still meet so many characters day after day and I love getting to know them and hear their stories. I love being able to dream.
We all dream and imagine because without that then we would fall to pieces and our lives would become intolerable to live. Belief stabalizes life and also is what helps in building up countries and cities. Without an imagination that there would be no cars, planes, computers, phones, lights, nothing, we would be stuck like the 18th century of Europe and the rest of the world.
Here we go history. But when America was built the world changed it began to spin in a different way people wanted more of the freedom that America held. They gained it maybe not as much as America but they still got a lot of the freedom we had. Because of that many of them made these inventions. This happened because those who settled America first dreamed of being free from the kings control. The revolutionary war was won because the people believed that they would win.
Now, those of you who hate America get over it. We haven't done much to you as a people the government maybe. But we the people are going to have to start remembering that our ancestors dreams were what made this country.
Dream, follow it. Love it. It is a part of you and you need it to come true. :)
Have a very Merry Christmas!!

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