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Monday, August 30, 2010

Can you stop stepping on me?

:( Well I got a boyfriend not long after broke up with him then I lost my job. But all though there was all this going on.
:) I got to hang out with a really great guy and also have a trial day this Saturday for a nanny job.
Looking at the good it is sometimes very hard to do especially when you are like some of my books characters. Another book I've been working on is called Warrior's. My main character Marylyn watches her friends be killed, wakes up while she is being operated on, and becomes something that is much more freighting and should only be left in fairy tales. Marylyn was one character that I found hard to like, she was very intense and very bold. The way her mind worked didn't follow with the other characters I was used to. Such as Darlene from another story, don't you love how many stories I have? :)
Life is tough and many times it feels better to just kill yourself and make life easier for yourself. All though I know that things are bad I also know that I can change how it is. Keep on trying life has to get better all the time no matter what. Now may I introduce you to Marylyn.

“GIVE IT BACK!” Angela shouted chasing after Jared as he held her necklace high laughing as they ran down the school hallway.
“RUN, RUN, AS FAST AS YOU CAN, YOU CAN’T CATCH ME, I’M JARED, MAN!” Shouted Jared before he was plowed hard onto the floor with Angela sitting on top of him holding her necklace in the air.
“You were saying?” Angela asked looking at the back of Jared’s head.
The classroom door swung open as Jared and Angela entered. Their friends looked up and laughed when they saw the red rub mark on Jared’s chin, cheeks, nose, and forehead.
“Another bought you two?” Luke asked kicking his feet up on the table. Flicking his red hair back, from his brown eyes.
“Oh, cut it out Luke,” said Angela resting into her pink beanbag. Her blonde tipped pink hair fell around her face, her green eyes piercing Jared, “He stole my grandmothers necklace.”
“Like I said I was just going to sell it on e-bay and see how much it’d go for!” Jared complained before he slouched into a wooden chair. He looked at the chess board in front of him where a girl who had dyed her hair silver stared at her black pieces. Jared moved his left knight to the right.
“Either way you’re both noisy,” said Crystal before she moved a pawn two spaces. She sighed looking at Jared flip his brown hair around only jabbing it in his grey eyes and crying.
“You know it seems like we can never have silence,” said Marylyn, flipping through her manga.
“Well, I guess that’s why I joined,” said Mark who flipped through an Edgar Allen Poe book. He looked at Marylyn admiring her brown hair, and quiet blue speckled green eyes.
“Yeah right Mark you joined because of Marylyn,” teased Katie who held a DS in her hands. She smirked at Mark who stared at her with his dark brown eyes, his black striped red hair.
“I don’t know Katie,” said George who held a Wii controller, “I think most of us guys joined to get closer to girls.” He finished tucking a hand under Katies chin, only to get slapped in return. He just smirked at her black hair and purple contacted eyes. As she glared at his bronze hair and amber eyes.
“Maybe for you Geo, but I choose this class to have some fun!” Jared shouted punching his fists into the air.
“Checkmate,” said Crystal before standing and moving to a laz-e-boy. Leaving a dumbstruck Jared, staring at her bishop who won her checkmate.
“Yeah, but in some ways it just seems we only made this class to have fun not do what we planned it for,” said Marylyn staring out the window.
“Even, so it’s rough trying to get our names out there,” said Mark, “I mean look most of these famous authors weren’t even recognized until they were dead.” He slid the book across the table sighing.
“Hey,” said Marylyn looking at Mark, “even so we said we would take what ever would be given us. Something, anything so we could be noticed.”
“Yeah, so enough sad talk lets think up some ways to have some fun!” said Angela punching the air.
“We could try out my new Wii game,” suggested George.
“Geo you’re the only one who wins and you win because you know some sick moves for those games.” Jared looked at George.
“You’re bad at any game.” Crystal retorted. Jared glared at Crystal as she thumbed through the Edgar Allen Poe book.
“Well, we should probably leave,” said Marylyn standing up, “I see no point in us staying. I could do some le parkour then.”
“Le Parkour..? What’s that?” George asked as he stashed the controls and his Wii back into their carrier.
“It’s just running and finding ways to save yourself in dangerous situations,” explained Marylyn.
“Yeah, as if anything bad will happen to us,” said Jared as they opened the front doors.
Outside they could hear the sound of police sirens and could see the flashing lights, in front was a large black van that crashed into their high school sign. They froze as the people ran out of the van they were charging right at them.
“MOVE!” Mark yelled as he pulled Marylyn out of the way. The others did also, but it happened so quickly the police aimed and fired. The sound of guns echoed as they fell to the floor. Marylyn felt her eyes fill with tears as she saw Mark and her friends collapse to the ground bullet wounds seeping with the dark color of blood. She fell hard to the ground as well as she felt the warmth of her blood seep around her wound. Mark, his eyes open; dead he was already gone and she would join them all again soon. But the eternal darkness never came but her whole body was paralyzed. She was alive but dead.
“Did they get them all?” Rasped a voice like one through a gas mask.
“Yeah,” answered another in a gas mask, “But looks like one’s still alive.”
“Is she paralyzed at least?”
“Yeah, they hit the spine,” the other said as he put pressure on her wound. Marylyn screamed but her mouth didn’t open and her voice didn’t echo anything out, she was paralyzed.
“Take the girls, I’ll handle the guys,” said the first. He lifted up Mark, Marylyn cried seeing his dead eyes staring at her in horror. They were all dead and would be that way forever. Her vision flipped around to the ground as she was moved to somewhere. She was laid down in the back of a vehicle. The rest of her friends past by her all staring at her with dead eyes, seeming as if they blamed her. Marylyn felt her heart crush her inside. She felt as if her heart crushing itself would be the thing to kill her now. The doors slammed as the vehicle rattled down the road to some weird place.
Marylyn was staring right at Mark. His mouth was slightly open as he stared at her with dead eyes. Marylyn put as much effort as she could to stretch her left arm to reach his cheek. She strained for a couple of fingers to brush his cheek. She cried in sorrow and pain. It hurt so badly physically and emotionally to see him there dead. Too far for him to feel her touch.
Marylyn cried away as the vehicle continued its trek to wherever it was going. All she knew was that wherever it was she was going to be miserable forever. How could she be happy when her friends where dead. The tires screeched and voices where outside the vehicle. The doors flew open and men in white lab coats gathered her dead friends. Marylyn was screaming though she knew no one could hear her at all.
“So this is the main survivor?”
Marylyn was staring in the eyes of a young man. He looked twenty and seemed to be smirking at her, he didn’t seem to be, he was. One of the gas masked men pointed to her bullet wound. The man slammed his hand to her wound. Marylyn felt her eyes flutter shut from the sudden rush of pain.

“The skin has been removed.”
“Doctor the heart has been filled with the ectoplasm substance you created it is beating normally.”
“The brain has been modified to start working at thirty-five percent capacity her bat wings have been accepted as well as her fangs and talons.”
Marylyn couldn’t move though she could hear she couldn’t move then pain shot through her. She bolted up screaming in pain. She heard the panic cries as she struggled. A mask was slipped over her mouth and nose as a gas filled her mouth she fell back into the darkness she had just barely awoken from.

Marylyn opened her eyes to see Mark looking at her in worry. She smiled softly at him, so glad it was all just a bad dream. Mark was alive he wasn’t dead but alive.
“Oh, Mark,” said Marylyn as she grasped his hand, “I had a really horrible dream, that you were all dead and I was paralyzed. Then I dreamed that they did something weird to me. I can’t believe it was just a dream.”
Mark looked over her. Marylyn turned and saw all their other friends there but they all had an expression of deep concern on their faces.
“What?” Marylyn said sitting up.
“Marylyn,” said Mark, “Something like that did happen, we aren’t in school anymore.”
Marylyn looked at him still smiling, before her eyes twisted in horror making her smile look maniacal.
“You got me,” laughed Marylyn, “I can not believe you would believe what I said to be true! Hah, I was just dreaming! I WAS JUST DREAMING!”
Marylyn looked at the room they were in and realized that it wasn’t any place she knew. A large glass circle door was all she could see to try and figure out where they were. Marylyn stood and ran to the glass door. She pounded on it screaming and howling. Mark tried to pull her away but she wrenched free pounding some more before a pair of glowing red eyes stared at her. Marylyn screamed pushing herself into Marks arms surprised that this was not a place she had ever been before. Marylyn turned her head into Marks chest. Then her throat constricted and she couldn’t breathe.
“Marylyn?” Mark asked watching as she slid down onto her knees before she started coughing, “Marylyn, what, what’s wrong?”
Marylyn grabbed his arms before she turned away coughing again. She couldn’t stop coughing as the others began to panic. Mark took and picked up Marylyn holding her head back so her throat would open but it did nothing. The others screamed for help. Mark panicked, please don’t let her die!
The glass door opened and Mark was shoved away from Marylyn as men in hazard suits grabbed Marylyn and forced her mouth open. Marylyn struggled but they forced her to drink a red liquid. The smell though told the others it was blood she was being forced to drink. They watched as the blood was drained and they dropped Marylyn to the ground. Marylyn gasped as a trickle of blood left her mouth. She picked her hands up off the ground staring at them before she began to shake and cry. She curled up into a ball on the floor. Mark rushed to her but screamed in pain as electricity shot through out his whole body causing him to collapse to the ground.
“MARK!” Marylyn screamed.
“Oh, he won’t die.”
Marylyn looked up to the twenty year old man she had met here. He was smiling still.
“Well, well, I knew you were a strong one,” he said bending down to Marylyn and cupping his hand under her chin, “Everything I could hope for and more.”
His eyes flicked over to Mark before settling on Marylyn with a look of evil. He jerked Marylyn’s left arm to his mouth and pulled the sleeve down to reveal a wrist band.
“I’ll tell you now not to do anything wrong else this will trigger a shock so powerful that not even the Earth would recover from it. Just so you know what I mean,” he said before he twisted Marylyn’s band.
The electricity was intense. Marylyn felt her body shake and she fell to the ground grinding her teeth since she couldn’t move anything else. It was a weird feeling more like her body was vibrating. The pain was searing though but the electricity wouldn’t kill her. She couldn’t hear the others because a rushing sound was pouring into her ears. But Mark was struggling to keep his cool. But to her surprise he knelt down and begged the man. All the sudden the vibration ended and her tightened body loosened up and her limbs felt like jelly.
“Understand, you are now monsters here’s a book for you to enjoy.”
A book fell in front of Marylyn’s vision followed by the sound of receding footsteps. No one moved too afraid to be electrocuted next. Marylyn couldn’t feel her body anymore she was shivering, the pain was too shocking but the biggest shock was the fact she didn’t die from that surge. She felt herself be picked up but she allowed her body to flop against Marks chest.
“Marylyn, forgive me,” he whispered holding her head close to his. Her hair played from his breath against her. She began to cry thinking of the intense suffering she had gone through how none of them where there with her nor could they help her. She shoved Mark away tears flooding down.

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