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Thursday, January 13, 2011

It's only the beginning of the year yet I want Halloween already!!!

Infant Halloween costumes, Halloween decorations and much more

Yep that's a countdown till Halloween of this year. I'll admit it I'm obsessed with the holiday. To me it is the most epic holiday out there. I love Halloween it was a safe holiday a holiday were my love for the dark was okay. I was known to be pretty brave since I would watch the scariest ghost videos on YouTube. Some of my classmates could barely handle it.
I was a little freaky as in that I loved Edgar Allen Poe and his works. And that I also enjoyed Breaking Benjamin and Three Days Grace a little bit more then the norm. But I was me. When I first started dating I decided to cancel out everything that I was and to make myself more pleasing to a guy. Well, all though that might have worked I would end up unhappy.
One guy said that Valentines day was the best holiday, he asked if I agreed. I just smiled and said yes. But to be honest I really dislike Valentines day. It might be because I've not had a boyfriend for me to experience that but whatever I just don't like that holiday as much right now.
When a lot of the guys discovered my dark love and how much of a crazed Anime fan I was they would stop. Ha, don't blame them to be honest. But I also look at the way my life is and I want a guy who is going to be tougher then me. After my father died I felt that I need to protect the house and myself.
The bullying I experienced dealt with being chased home and beaten up. I finally got sick of that bullying and turned around gave them a good punch. Normally parents and teachers say just ignore them they'll stop from boredom. Yeah, didn't work for me it lasted for 8 years. My Senior year I just finally told them to back the heck off.
Now I'm kind of tall, I have some disadvantages because of that. Now here I go into rant mode. So why is it that so many guys won't think to date a girl who is a little bit tougher then. A girl who can change a tire in record time, know where a problem for the car is and can play a sport with them and well sometimes beat them?
I remember in my church's Young Men/Women class we played broom hockey. Now we got pretty intense so much so that I got smacked dead on in the face I had a small cut, a bruise, and a giant lump as a prize. The worst part there was suppose to be a dance that night. I guess you can bet no guys asked me to dance.
Now, I've ended some relationships on my own. I didn't feel safe or I just wasn't comfortable at the time to be dating. Sometimes I look at it and I'm like, darn why did I do that? I know I'm young 22 is so young. But when I see 18 or 17 year olds getting married left and right I do wonder what is wrong with me?
But well, anyways I am through with my dating rant. :P

So this story that I'm posting is actually a much more recent story and it is interesting because when I was writing it was based off my face. Now, when I was in high school I had really bad acne. It left my face scarred now I know my face isn't beautiful and smooth but it is me and it portrays who I am which is a rough girl. :) The title hasn't been decided but here it is. Enjoy.

The bell over the door rang as four girls entered. The shopkeeper looked at them as he set a statue of an abnormal fish next to other abnormal creatures.
“Hello, ladies how may I help you,” he asked smiling at them.
“Hi, um, we’re just going to look around if that’s okay,” said a girl smiling up at him, pretending to hide her face of disgust. He noted her fake smile to him, probably because he was Asian.
“Sure, let me know when you want to buy something,” he said before heading to the back.
“That was rude Martha,” said one of her friends nudging her.
“Look, daddy told me never to trust other races so there,” said Martha sticking her nose in the air, “Besides, Jean, he was old and he had such a weird pointed beard, and was it just me or are his eyes glazed over with white?”
“Oh, both of you shut up, and Martha learn to not rely on looks only,” said another girl.
“Oh, Garnia I forgot, you have acne problems, and it always disgusts me,” said Martha glaring at Garnia.
“What do you know and Jean why did you bring her?” Asked the last of the group.
“You guys know she’s my cousin I couldn’t leave her,” said Jean.
“Oh, poor little Agatha,” said Martha before she wandered past the glaring girls.
“Is my face that bad?” Garnia asked as she touched her scarred face.
“No, you look great just ignore her,” said Agatha, rubbing her friends back comfortingly.
Garnia wandered over to where the man had set down an odd statue she stared in shock at the hideous beasts. One looked of a fish but also of a man? His head was like a fish in front but in back he had hair, his eyes were human shaped as well. He had gills on his neck, and his hands stretched out into webs, he had no legs they were a fin instead. She looked to the one next to him. This one looked worse, he looked like a gorilla with a lolling tongue like that of a dog. He also looked as if he was diseased with certain parts of his body looking cracked beyond repair and some jutting out like rocks. The last one was not as bad as the others, he had a beak he had no hands but wings, his feet were normal except for the long toes and nails. And he had a tail of that of a bird.
“Do you like?”
Garnia started from the shopkeeper. He smiled at her softly taking the middle one down and holding it.
“They are very interesting; are you selling them?” Garnia asked, feeling now obligated to buy them.
“Why, yes,” said the shopkeeper smiling, “My name is Tetsuya. Ah, these are the forms that the elements took.”
“But there are only three. What about fire?”
“Heh, fire is a stubborn one he chose to just live within the earth rather then become this. You see these three, water, earth, and air were created when the world was. Very strong and having the power to recreate this world they are the common elements. But alas poor earth is neglected,” Tetsuya set earth back in the middle.
“Why?” Garnia asked looking at the poor beast.
“Because, we do not see a purpose for him as much as we do for air and water,” said Tetsuya walking behind the counter, “I think that is why he became that ugly beast.”
“I’ll buy him,” said Garnia taking out her wallet, “And the other two.”
“My dear, you don’t have to have pity for them,” said Tetsuya looking at her, Garnia looked at him pleading, “Very well, if you buy them you must promise to take them home and look at them see if you can find their story if the pity leaves then you will see a change in the statues, alright?”
“Deal,” she said shaking his hand.
The shopkeeper wrapped them and then handed them to her in a box. She thanked him before leaving the shop.
“What took you?” Martha huffed glaring at Garnia.
“Oh, chill geez,” said Jean before heading over to their cars.
“I’m gonna head home early guys,” said Garnia as she opened the drivers side.
“Oh, okay well, then Agatha you still want to come over?” Jean asked even though her face said I already know.
“Nah, I’m gonna check in early. Besides, I have homework,” said Agatha getting into her car and starting it.
“See ya,” said Garnia. She started the car and shifted into gear. She hit a red light and bent over turning on the radio. She headed onto the freeway heading north. Ten exits later she was home. She turned the lights on to hear her cat complain.
“Hello, Cal,” Garnia said rubbing behind the cats ear. He purred in happiness. She walked into her room where she opened the box. She carefully unwrapped them, she set them how they were at the shop, on her bed side stand. Water, Earth, and Air, looked at her with their jeweled eyes.
“So water has black hair and hmm, I don’t know what gem for your eyes but brown eyes,” said Garnia looking at them, “Earth looks like he has no hair and his eyes are amber. Air has long dirty blond hair and his eyes are green, oh he has emerald eyes. Well, you three I need to figure out your stories, that will be hard to do. Although I do find you to be very intriguing, who knows if you were real…”
Garnia sighed before going into her bathroom were she stared at herself in the mirror. Her face was scarred from the numerous acne she had in her youth. She placed a hand gingerly to her cheek, before she heard a crash. She rushed into her room, staring at three large figures like that of her statues. But they were moving and talking.
“I told you she’d hear us,” said Earth staring at her. Garnia’s eyes rolled back and she fell to the floor out.
“Earth maybe if you didn’t talk it would have been fine,” complained Air fanning Garnia.
“Oh, geez let’s stop we are brothers,” said Water, “Here, let me splash her.”
Water pulled himself to her. He raised a webbed hand before brushing it past her face. Water splashed against her face. She coughed turning her face and rubbing her eyes before she sat up.
“Better?” Water asked looking at her, before she let out an earsplitting scream.
Water clapped a webbed hand over her mouth before she began to claw and rip at him.
“HEY! HELP!” He shouted at his brothers.
“Give her to Earth I have feathers she’ll rip them,” complained Air stroking his wings.
“Here,” said Earth holding out his arms.
Water placed her in his arms, he removed his hand to have her chomp on it, “OUCH! WHAT THE HECK YOU LITTLE INGRATE!”
“HELP! SOMEONE HELP ME-” Garnia was about to say but was cut off by one of Earths massive hands.
“I hope nobody comes,” said Air, looking at his brothers in concern.
“If someone does I’ll turn back to human,” said Water leaning against a wall stroking a cut on his fin.
“Maybe we should have done that first?” Air asked sitting down as a few feathers fluttered to the floor.
“Uh, guys she fainted again,” said Earth holding her up.
“Well, we can now, let’s quickly become human and then we’ll see if we can show her our true form later,” said Water sitting up.
“No, we promised to see if there would be one who would love us for us,” said Earth glaring at his brothers, “And not for how we look or our powers.”
“Earth, we always say for how we look but what if someone out there thinks this is hot and when you’re human thinks your ugly then what?” Asked Air.
Earth started but leaned back looking annoyed.
“Then it’s decided Earth, you are our older brother but majority rules,” said Water looking at him.
“Fine just hurry up,” said Earth as he wrapped his arms around himself and his skin shrunk sinking into a comfortable tan color. Water curled into himself as his fin split into two forming into long legs. Air furled his wings around him self as the feathers sunk into his skin. After a while there were three handsome men sitting where the beasts were.
“Earth, you look just as good as you did five thousand years ago,” said Water admiring his brothers muscles and tanned skin, and his shoulder length hair.
“Hey, nothing to your younger brother?” Air asked.
“Of course, Air, you are just as prideful as ever,” said Water smirking at the long blond hair and pale skin of Air.
“Ha ha, well at least I’m not as conceited as you Water,” countered Air, staring at his brothers black skin and black hair.
“Now what of the girl?” Asked Earth as he picked Garnia up as if she was nothing.
“Hmm, leave her, she’s been through enough,” said Air heading for the door.
“No!” shouted Earth and Water together.
“Well, then what, do you want us to stay and get caught, huh?”
“No,” said Earth looking at Air, “But maybe we can tell her a little lie.”
“Like?” Water asked looking at his brother.
“Like, we found her passed out in a park and brought her home,” said Earth.
“That will work,” said Water.
“What, do you guys like her?” Air asked looking at his brothers in horror, “That can’t be possible look at her she is ugly!”
Earth turned to Air before he slapped his brother.
“Do not judge by looks,” growled Earth as a tremor shook the ground underfoot.
“You fool,” snarled Water as thunder clapped over head and rain poured.
“Geez, sorry, look calm down, other wise you might cause massive damage,” said Air looking out the window at the large amount of rain, “You remember how angry Father got when we missed used our powers.”
“Oh, trust me, Air, I don’t care right now,” snarled Water. Rain shredded harder through the sky as Thunder and lighting attacked the ground. Earth settled his large hand upon Waters shoulder, shaking his head softly.
“Whatever,” said Water shaking his brother off. He bent over Garnias body looking at her face. He felt a sting as he realized how many tears she must have cried. The scars were vivid. Yet he hardly cared.

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