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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Screaming Pain

So have you ever heard of someone slipping back into the person they once were? No, well it's happening to me. I have been getting pushed from all sides and I'm getting sick of it. When I was in high school I fought back I made people regret messing with me. I sound really cruel right? If you think that is the case then fine but I wasn't. I was bullied through out most of my school life, I was the only one though who stood up to the bullies and made them back off. I wasn't a this super sweet girl, innocent yes yes I was innocent. But when I went to college I began to have a bit more to enjoy with my life and there wasn't so much worry any more. But now it's returning because of what others are saying. People, call me cruel they call me mean and they are always pointing out what is wrong with me. I know what's wrong with me why do I need a bunch of imperfect people telling me too? I just dislike it and the stupid thing it's over something that EVERY SINGLE STICKING PERSON DOES. Hmm, what's that? FORGET!!!! Hello, isn't that a common trait in EVERYONE everyone forgets things and then when someone brings it up they remember. But apparently I'm suppose to be this perfect little mind read who never ever forgets a single things and gets through it easily. If I have to then I'm going to back to my past self the one who stared people down and told them to shut up and leave me alone else I would bite, and not in the nice vampire way.
Anyways I'm done. Enjoy the rest of your day. :]

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