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Monday, June 21, 2010

Good Things to Come

Many times when we wish to become an author we think it easy you just write a book and wha-bam!! You're a published best selling author. If only that could really happen I would then be very happy and living the good life already. I have one book published but I have gotten nothing from it. The new book I'm working on I have higher hopes for. I have another short story and all though some of you may not watch the video down below you should because it is amazing!!

As Anthon and his friends made it to the kingdom of Crisit they choose to go on their own through the kingdom.
“Alright, see you two later,” says Anthon as he heads off to a weapon store to look at items that they’d need on the adventure.
“Take care, Anthon,” says Rena as they wave bye.
“Let’s go for tea, Rena, darling,” says Celes as she heads for the small cafĂ©.
Celes opens the door and they enter in to a pretty bad scene.
“You should have thought of that before hand!” shouts the chef.
“What’s going on?” asks Rena as she looks at the young man being yelled at. He is tall and has long blonde hair tied back into a ponytail.
“Looks, like someone forgot to bring money,” says Celes as she places her hand on her hips.
“We should help than,” says Rena.
“Alright,” says Celes as you both head to the chef.
“Look I’m sorry,” says the young man, “I’ve never had to pay here before.”
“Excuse me,” says Rena. Everyone looks at her in surprise, “but we’ll pay for him.”
“You wouldn’t want to pay for a scoundrel like him,” says the chef as he gets mad at the fact someone is willing to help him.
“My dear chef, this isn’t about him being a scoundrel or not, this is to bring up our mood,” says Celes as she steps forward. The young man sees her and seems to be very surprised by her looks.
“Th-thank you,” says the young man. Rena gives the chef the money.
“Come on Rena let’s go for a walk instead,” says Celes as they head out the door.
They head a little ways before hearing someone shout for them to wait.
“What?” says Celes as the young man catches up with them.
“I haven’t introduced myself. I’m Chris,” says the young man.
“Celes,” says Celes she places her hand in the direction of Rena, “and this is Rena.”
“Well…Bye!” says Chris as he runs off towards the castle.
“That was weird,” says Celes as she places her hands on her hips.
Later on at the hotel.
“Thanks,” says Anthon as he takes the key to your room.
“Celes is everything alright,” asks Rena as she looks at Celes who is deep in thought, “Celes?”
“Huh, oh sorry Rena it’s nothing let’s get some rest!”
Next day.
“Thank you very much,” says Celes as she walks out of a store.
Chris is just outside pacing and stopping looking back and forth.
“Chris,” says Celes in mild surprise, “is that you?”
“Oh, hello Celes. What a coincidence.”
“Chris…it’s not a coincidence when you’re waiting for someone like that.”
“Ha, ha,” says Chris slightly mad that she found him out, “nothing gets past you, does it?”
“How nice to see you again. Now, what brings you here?”
“I thought that if I were to wait here I might be able to see you again.” Chris sighed from relief, “I was right. I’m glad I made it in time…”
“Made it in time?”
“No special meaning to that…” says Chris in worry that he might have just given away a very important secret.
“Oh, well now that I’m here what do you intend to do?”
“First, I must thank you for helping me the other day.”
“Well, then we should go and fetch Rena.”
“…Can’t I just thank you…”
Celes stares at Chris in complete surprise.
“Celes come with me,” says Chris as he takes a hold of Celes’s hand leads her back to the castle.
Rena comes out from an alley eyes wide.
“Did I just witness something?”
1 hour later at the entrance.
Celes is so red in the face hands placed on either side of her face as she contemplates what has just happened.
“Celes?..,” says Rena as she places her hand on Celes’s shoulder.
“Oh, did you say something?” asks Celes as she looks at Rena.
“Celes, are you okay you look a little…” says Anthon but he stops when Rena holds up a hand.
“I…don’t know what to say…It’s the first time anyone has so honestly told me how they feel. He’s so innocent…”
“How should I answer him?”
“…Anthon,” says Rena as she looks at him, “you don’t mind if we wait just one more day to leave Crisit do you?”
“…” He looks at Rena and than Celes, “No.”
Next day.
Rena is walking out from an alley to see Chris coming in.
“Oh, it’s you Chris,” says Rena then Celes appears behind him, “Ah!, oh, no…Darn it…”
Rena jumps behind a wall before either of them can see her.
“So you came after all,” starts Chris as he takes Celes’s hand.
“I…I don’t know why really…but I felt there was something that I had to say to you…”
Celes breaks from his hold and heads towards the small river in the alley.
“I’ve never seen a man look me so straight in the eyes…” says Celes as she looks at her reflection in the river.
“And you spoke so plainly…” Celes turns to look at him tears pouring down her face. “I’ve never heard such honesty. And all you said was one word…”
Chris walks forward to give Celes comfort but she walks back turns around and bows her head.
“Oh…I don’t know what to do with myself. I’ve never felt this way before…”
“DON’T RUN AWAY FROM ME CELES!” says Chris. Celes turns around in shock, “I can’t let you go!”
“…Please, Chris…help me…”
Chris walks forward and grasps Celes tightly as she sobs into his shoulder. Rena wanders out a bit.
“Ah!…uh-oh…now what do I do…I can’t leave they’ll see me…”
Chris let’s go of Celes and looks at the churches bell tower.
“That bell means the end of this dream. But I’ll have nothing to do with it,” says Chris as he turns back to Celes and looks her in the eyes, “Nothing means anything to me except this moment…nothing…Celes.”
He pulls Celes against him and kisses her.
Suddenly though three soldiers appear and spread out in a line.
Middle soldier, “My Prince! We have been looking for you!”
Chris pulls away and looks at them Celes seems to be in a slight daze but quickly comes out of it.
“Wha…?” says Celes as she looks at Chris than the soldiers and back at Chris.
“Why have you followed me?” shouts Chris at them.
Left soldier, “My Prince, you know you must return with us. Princess Rosalia Lunar awaits you.”
“Chris what are they talking about?” says Celes as she looks at him.
Chris looks away ashamed of himself.
“Please, answer me Chris. It’s not true is it?”
“Celes, I have wronged you…”
“Have you deceived me…” says Celes as she clutches her chest afraid that her heart might break.
“I had not intended to hide it from you…But I couldn’t bring myself to tell you. Please, believe me!”
Celes grows weak in her legs and droops. She’s shaking as she tries to regain composure. She stands up.
“Oh, no Chris…Please tell me it isn’t true! CHRIS!”
Celes steps forward to grab Chris and be told no. But the right soldier steps forward and blocks her from Chris.
“NO!! Chris shall be my name…”
“My Prince, You speak strangely.”
“Princess Rosalia awaits your presence so as to proceed with the wedding. Why do you act so strangely on this happy day? It worries your Princess not to see you, my Prince.”
Chris runs towards Celes. Who now can’t take it has fallen to the ground is sitting there shaking.
The soldiers step forward and grab him. He struggles against them but is soon dragged away as he fights to get to Celes.
Rena runs out from hiding to Celes.
“Celes…They’re taking Chris away!”
“Are you really just going to let it happen?…”
“Celes. Let’s go.” says Rena with authority Celes looks up at her.
“Go?…go where?”
“To the Prince of course…No, I mean, Chris!”
“NO! I WON’T!!” shouts Celes as fresh tears come, and she stand up.
“I CAN’T SEE HIM!…I can’t…I’m afraid…I’m so afraid!…” says Celes as she wraps her arms around herself to keep herself from breaking.
“ARE YOU SURE!?” Celes looks at Rena. “Can you really leave things like this? If you don’t go to Chris now you may regret it for the rest of your life…”
“HMPH! I’ll take you to Chris even if I have to drag you there! Come on, let’s go Celes!”
Rena grabs a hold of Celes’s arm and drags her a little till Celes wraps her other arm around a pole.
“All right, I’m going to do whatever I have to do to take you to him, Celes,” Celes looks up at Rena who has tears on her cheeks. “If you don’t go now I know, you’re going to regret it, and I can’t bear the thought of seeing you like that. Come on, Celes, let’s go!”
Runs a little ways than she stops and turns back to Celes.
They both run to the church to see it guarded. The left soldier notices them.
The other soldier noticed them as well shouting, “THE WEDDING CEREMONY FOR THE PRINCE OF CRISIT IS IN PROGRESS HOW DARE YOU!?”
“We wish to speak to the Prince!”
They both look surprised shouting, “WHAT!?”
Rena pushes against them as they block her entrance.
“STAND BACK!!! We WILL speak with him!!”
Rena is thrown back. Celes helps her back up as they turn around to leave. Then suddenly Rena charges through the guards knocking them off balance and crashing to the ground as Celes follows.
The soldier to the left recovers first. “HALT!! HALT I SAY!!!”
They make it into the Church people look at them.
“Get those two!” Shouted the soldier from outside.
Rena turns and rams him into the wall pinning him.
“CHRIS!” shouts Rena.
“Do you, Rosalia R. Lunar, take this man, Clother T. Crisit, to be your husband, to have and to hold from this day forward, till death do you part?”
“I do.” says Rosalia.
“It’s no good…They’re too far. They can’t hear!”
“And do you, Clother T. Crisit, take this woman, Rosalia R. Lunar, to be your wife, to have and to hold from this day forward, till death do you part?”
“NO! NOO!!! CHRIS!!!!! CHRIS!!!!!!!! DON’T DO IT!!!!!!!!”
Every one looks at Celes as she looks at Chris. Chris takes off towards Celes as does Celes to Chris.
Chris wraps his arms tight around her as does Celes.
“Celes…I’ll never let you go now…”
Rosalia comes up the aisle looking at Chris.
“Prince Clother, may I ask for an explanation?”
“I have wronged you…” says Chris as he lets go of Celes, “But I still cannot love you. Ours is a marriage planned for political ends. I cannot be tied to you like this, it is not my true desire.”
“…I see…”
“I know I have wronged you, but I can no longer lie to myself!”
Rosalia heads towards the door tears brimming at her eyes. One of her soldiers notices it.
“MY PRINCESS!” Shouts one of the soldiers, “We are at your command. What would you have us do?”
“Have a beautiful wedding dress made for her.”
“Rosalia,” says Chris as he looks at her.
“Farewell, Prince Clother…”
They both exit.
1 hour later in Prince Clothers room.
“Chris…I mean, Prince Clother…,” says Celes slightly embarrassed.
“No! Call me Chris.”
Rena is there too and turns around with a big grin on her face.
“Celes…Will you marry me? Finally, I’ve said it. It is what I truly hope for…Will you give me your answer?”
Chris holds Celes’s hand as she smiles. But it fades.
“It is ‘no’ then…,” says Chris as he let’s go of her hand.
“That’s not it!” says Celes as she grasps his hands, “But…” she looks at Rena as does Chris.
“But what?”
“I have promised to make a journey, and it is not complete.”
Rena gasps and turns around to Celes.
“Celes! Don’t give it a second thought! We’ll be all right on our own!”
“No, Rena. I would not be able to live with myself if I didn’t know the answer myself. Chris…can you wait until I can get the answer?”
“Than I can trust you?” asks Chris looking at her.
“Of course you can.”
Chris smiles and kisses her.

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