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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Coming upon a Battle.

Life is very interesting with many challenges and trials it sometimes feels useless for me to follow my dreams. Especially when I'm trapped in a situation that just isn't good. I want to continue my education but also be living on my own right now and have a good paying job. Right off the bat many of you are thinking wow you are really silly to think that your dreams will come true just like that. And I knew that they wouldn't come true just like that but I also knew that somehow they will. Jobs aren't just working in the office they are writing books at home or working online. We put up this blockade of that there is only this world you can live in no other. Kind of makes me think of Fiddler on the Roof. Which I am singing the song Matchmaker for a production. In the story the girls and their family don't believe in getting a better life that they have to settle for the life they have always known. Fact is you aren't just constricted to this life or that life, it's up to you whether or not you get trapped. I'm not successful yet and I don't have a whole bunch of money flowing into my life. But I feel hope in what I've been doing and that many things are going to start happening that I've always wanted. As I am an Author I will be posting another bit from another story I'm working on called Long Lost Life. It is a Sci-fi story with aliens and hidden secrets of the Government on earth. Enjoy! Hopefully in a few weeks I'll be doing another post.

The group of people laughed merrily as they danced around from their triumph over the great Cape. A monster with wings like that of an eagle but a face of a horrible lion and a hind part of that of a horse with a lashing tail of a serpent. A young boy was retrieving the arrow that had successfully hit the beast and destroyed it. He slid down and walked through the throng who now were still and bowed as he passed. He had his long silver hair flowing behind him. And his face covered in blood and dirt had a smile and great blue eyes, shining through. He passed a girl whom smiled at him. She had brown eyes and red hair, she bowed slowly when he passed. He finally reached an older man who held a staff that held a purple swirling orb. He had one eye frosted over with white and the other a clear grey color. He had long sweeping white hair and a beard and mustache to match.
He bowed down on one knee and presented the arrow. The elder man picked it up and brushed his hands along the whole of the arrow. He smiled broadly and held it up high into the sky.
“My son,” said the elder as he held out a hand and lifted the young man stand, “You have slain the beast for the arrow bears the purple crystal arrow. My son you now are ready to take on the leadership of the village.”
A great eruption came from the people. The young man stared at them all, he saw the girl applauding loudly and screaming for him. He watched as they slowly calmed down and began to chant his name, “Orin, Orin, Orin.”
“My son, what shall we do?” asked his father. Orin looked up at him confused and his father smiled, “For a memorial? One to let all know that we have succeed in slaying the great Cape.”
“Oh, um,” said Orin, “We shall carve the beast lying dead and etch all of the villagers names on it.”
“We shall do that on the great oak that we have cut down newly,” said Orin’s father as he strode off the platform with his son behind him. The girl whom Orin kept looking at ran out of the group and headed straight towards him. She hugged him tightly.
“You did it Orin,” she said as she kissed his cheek.
Orin kissed her back full on the mouth.
“No,” he said as he grasped her hand and walked with her by his side, “We did it, Kiva.”
Kiva smiled broadly up at him. The group followed them several girls who were crying silently while others were happy to see Orin and Kiva together. The group walked past the cloth tents and followed down a path that lead to a river. They stopped at a stump that was ten feet wide and five feet tall. Orin’s father walked up to it and placed his hand on the stump. From his fingers spread a purple light that twisted in the trees grooves. After a while the light turned to a deep blue. Orin’s father lifted his hand and smiled.
“We may use him,” responded Orin’s father.
After a while Orin stood up and smiled at his handi-work. The tree stump now had a picture of the Cape lying still as if asleep. And all the names of the people surrounded it. Kivas more visible than the others. Orin stretched and headed back to the village to see a small group standing at the entrance. Orin walked closer and saw Kiva’s mother sobbing as she clutched a note written for Kiva.
Orin stared at it. Kivas mother handed it fully to him. Orin read it out loud.
Dear Mrs. Neiveil,
We are pleased to say that your daughter, Kiva Neiveil, has been accepted to the school of Kustova on the planet Earth, on the American continent. This is a great honor since this school has been revered. She will however have to leave her home planet and begin life a new on the planet Earth. We ask that you please allow her to come. We will be here tomorrow to give her the shot that will change and modify her memory.
Ms. Karen Larson
Karen Larson
Committee of Education Board.
5th member

Orin stared at it. What did they say, modify her memory. Orin dropped the letter as he rushed back to Kiva’s house and rushed into the closed part. Kiva was lying on her bed softly sobbing. Orin crossed the room quickly and lifted Kiva up. He kissed her so deep and passionately that he didn’t want to let her go. If he let her go she would be taken away. Orin after so long broke the kiss and he felt himself almost beginning to cry he shook his head.
“They won’t take you away Kiva, I promise,” said Orin as he held Kiva close to him.
“How could you stop them they’re from Earth. You know what that planet is like,” said Kiva as she burst into fresh tears, “I won’t even remember your love for me.”
Orin kissed Kiva again softly. “They’ll have to kill me first before you go,” said Orin.
“No,” shouted Kiva, “That would be worse.”
“Than, they’ll have to take me with you.”
“But Orin-”
“Kiva, please I love you so much that if they take you away from me how will I be able to live.”
Kiva stared up at him and finally smiled.
Orin left the tent after an hour of discussing what to do with Kiva and her parents. It was almost midnight when a loud rushing wind erupted over the village they had arrived. Orin ran out of the tent and stared up at a great machine as it began it’s descent.
“NOW,” shouted Orin, “GO NOW!”
Kiva and her parents rushed her out the back and through the cover of the forest. Orin, looked on as the great machine landed. Than shortly a bunch of men covered in camouflage jumped out. Orin, stared at them they looked like great big bushes.
“Where is Kiva?” asked a woman who walked down the ramp.
“Who?” said Orin in response, “I think you’ve got the wrong planet.”
“Scan him,” said the woman as she pointed to three of the men. They rushed forward and grasped tight to Orin’s arms. He struggled but couldn’t escape their clutch. One of the men came over with a flat piece of metal and scanned Orin’s thumb.
“Orin Thimpl Morever,” said the man who was looking at the piece of metal, “25 years of age, blood type o, We have him registered for the school as well.”
“Really,” said the woman she turned back to him and smiled, “I’m Karen, or as you’ll call me Ms. Larson.”
Orin tried to escape again. Men from the group were spreading out and three of them were headed towards Kiva.
“GET AWAY FROM ME WITCH!” shouted Orin as he swung a kick at her.
“Oh, yes a tough one eh,” said Karen as she brushed herself off from his kick. Orin stared at her was she an Earthling, even the men had unnatural strength. They couldn’t have come from Earth.
Orin stopped struggling when he saw Kiva being dragged over to Karen. Karen smiled wickedly.
“We now have the two right here,” she said as she whipped out a bottled and a shot. She took the whole bottle and walked over to her. She screamed as Karen reached her. Karen pulled back her arm and stabbed it with the shot. Kiva, screamed in pain, Orin screamed as he twisted in the soldiers grip.
“STOP IT YOU’RE HURTING HER YOU EVIL WRETCHED LITTLE-” But Orin was cut off by a strong swing to his stomach but he saw his chance and slipped through. He looked back hopelessly as Kiva passed out. Orin rushed away with the thought, I’ll save you Kiva, rushing through his mind as he bounded through the woods. He heard the pounding of feet behind him. He swung easily around the trees and lunged into the river. But he fell face first into the mud he looked behind and saw men grabbing hold of his feet. He saw Karen rush over with another bottle and trying to fill the shot again. Orin took aim and hit her hard in the stomach. Karen tripped and lost her grip on the bottle it couldn’t have been more perfect as the bottle hit a rock and shattered.
Karen looked nothing like a Earthling as her eyes the whole of them had gone black. She had razor fangs protruding from her mouth. Karen took the shot only a bit filled and jabbed it into Orin. Orin howled from the pain, but everything went black.
Orin turned around in his bed. He wasn’t the same Orin as he was before. He had black hair that was short, he also was wearing glasses. His name now was Jim. But Orin knew who he was. Even though Karen had given him the shot he still knew who he was. He lost track of Kiva, and he was being followed by all the women at the school of Kustova. He got really frustrated when a girl tried to kiss him.
“Hey, Jim,” said his roommate, Matt. He was a normal Earthling with brown hair and brown eyes, “We have class soon.”
“Yeah, yeah,” said Orin, “Look I’m going to go later alright.”
“Sure that’s fine,” said Matt as he walked out with his pack.
Orin listened as his footsteps receded away. Orin got out of the bed and dressed quickly. He ran his fingers through his hair. He picked up his pack and headed out as well. Orin shook his head as he saw both girls and guys walking out of dormitories together. In Orin’s honest opinion this was the most disgusting thing he had ever seen. Orin knew that the girls slipped into the guys rooms at night. Orin was absentmindedly walking when he crashed into a girl.

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