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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Needing to remember the attackes here on American soil.

9/11 and Pearl Harbor where the two biggest attacks we had here on American soil. But 9/11 was the most frightening attack of all because it was an attack on the civilians who just lived their everyday normal lives. When I first heard about it was when me and my friends got to school. I was having a really good day. Just walked into school smiling that was when I looked to the TV in my school and saw it the first plane hitting the south tower of the World Trade Center. At first I wasn't sure if it was a movie or not but when the people started running and screaming and the camera person pointed out the second plane before it hit the north tower it all became clear this was real. My heart stopped in wonder as to if we were going to have a war happen right here on our American soil, luckily we didn't. But the school tried to keep us focused but even the teachers couldn't think straight we were just wondering and waiting. A war did happen but not the soil here in America, but I knew that it was going to happen, I saluted those soldiers who were my friends as they left for war. I always smiled at the police, firemen, and paramedics just to let them know that I was grateful that they were willing to protect us from an attack by others here in the country to those on the other side of the world. I won't deny it I'm a proud American, I am grateful to my grandpa's who were willing to serve in the wars of the past, I applaud all veterans, and I pray for the safety of the soldiers who now go to war. May we remember that we are not a nation that hides or ignores a direct attack, we are not a nation who begs for others help but helps itself. If you are offended by this I must ask why? Because being proud of the country that is free and where I have a choice is better then any where else. That is all I can say thanks for reading this.

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  1. It is important to honor those who are willing to fight for our freedom even if we don't agree with the war that is being fought. We must appreciate those who want to help others.


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