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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

How dare I think anything and how dare I even think a normal thing.

Okay, rant time ON.

I really hate the fact that some people think that I am a very perverted person for thinking about the unthinkable that really everybody does now-a-days 24/7. If you don't know it deals with the birds and the bees. What's even more annoying is how there is this one guy who I'm interested in and he already has put up this whole thing that he isn't good enough for me! ARGH!!! Could you men stop judging yourselves around me about yourselves or me!? PLEASE!!??

Okay, rant time OFF.

Sorry about that but these last few days are just following up with my worst week ever, to be honest on some level that week was better then the week that I was in a hospital after the car crash I went through. Wait, car crash? Yep, car crash, it has been a total of 12 years since that time I was only ten when it happened. But aside from that it is starting to feel like it was a "much better" time then this! Maybe just because I had friends who, I don't know, ACTUALLY CARED ABOUT ME! I even had my child-hood best friend trying to get in contact with me and I had a HUGE crush on him. But he later on became a jerk and a player. I growing up was only consider by guys for two things first I would be a nice person to get to "know" (again birds and bees) OR I was just the type of girl who was the one you dated just to make people think that you are so effing kind and caring when really you aren't. So yeah, I just have liked this guy and I felt that something was going to progress for a moment than he kills it saying in his terms that "he isn't good enough and that I'll find somebody better." >:( Uh, insecure much? I mean really who said that you men could judge yourselves that quickly why not let us women say if you're good enough for us or not! Oh, and my boyfriend; who I broke up with, well because of that saying the other guy gave, I began to think "maybe I should've taken him up on his birds and the bees offer just so that maybe I would still have him."
But that thought lasted for a total of ten seconds and died. Why?? Because I am Daddy's little girl. My father passed away in that car crash and before he died he had asked me to wait until I was married before I'd learn first hand about the birdies and the beeses.
Anyways, the other problem, everyone (or at least it feels like it) thinks that I'm such a dirty minded person just because I occasionally think that talking about the birds and the bees is okay and that it isn't that bad. I don't talk about it around young kids I'm not stupid but around my friends (19 or older) I do. And there are a few who talk back to me about it. But what has become so wrong about that topic? Whatever, I'm just too rough a girl who likes to get under men's skin and tease them to no end, I guess it will be a while tell I find a guy who can handle me and maybe even get me to, I don't know, fall heads-over-heels in love with him. I'll keep you posted. Until then I am sticking with my book characters because they actually effing care about those whom they love. Thanks for reading this really long rant. I'm through here is a short story enjoy.

When I first wrote about Pantheion I was surprised because he wasn't a normal character I wrote about he had a lot of burning passion and was an intense warrior. But the character that surprised me the most was his love interest, I cried but not as much as this girl did but I (and I'm not ashamed to admit) was envious of this gentle man wiping her tears away and holding her close as she cried. I realized that Pantheion held one quality I wanted from a guy in my future.

The Outer World War

Pantheion walked down the hall shadowed by the darkness. Outside cheers were erupting through out the grounds. Pantheion ignored the people and their jubilation. The threat was not gone and would not be for a long time to come. He absentmindedly took his hand and played with the single long strand of silver hair. He passed by a window were it soon was erupted with light from the fireworks. He was a startling handsome young man. His chin came into a more soft curve rather than a jutted square. His eyes were a blistering electric blue which seemed to crackle with white. All though his appearance was handsome and many women wanting him, he still refused he just wanted one who was a dear friend of his. He walked into his compartment.
He stopped when he saw someone sitting on the edge of his bed. A young woman who was normal as far as humans went she had long brown hair with blue eyes. Her skin was a beautiful shade of milky white. She turned to Pantheion and than bounded at him she grasped him tight in a hug as she shook and muffled sobs came from her buried face in his chest.
“Marin,” said Pantheion as he pulled her away to look at her eyes, “What happened?”
Marin hurriedly wiped her eyes as she tried hard to calm her breathing. She was still shaking and her knees buckled. Pantheion caught her and picked her up. He placed her on his bed. He got up and rushed into the bathroom he came back with a bowl of water and cloth and a cup.
“I’m so sorry,” said Marin as she hurriedly cleaned her face and eyes embarrassed, “But I just thought…”
Pantheion handed her the cup Marin drank down the blue drink and promptly burst into tears again. Pantheion held her close to him. She sobbed for a while until she finally got a hold of herself.
“I thought,” said Marin as Pantheion climbed in on the other side and wrapped his arms around her, “that you were killed. I don’t like it when you’re called off to fight. I sit here alone wondering whether your alright or not.”
Pantheion lifted Marins head and kissed her soundly. He had never tried this before but the urge just was strong to do it. Marin softly moaned as she allowed him to kiss her. Pantheion pulled away he felt his lips tingling from hers. He ran his hand through her hair and looked into her eyes.
“I don’t want you to fear for me,” began Pantheion as he continued to run his hand through her hair, “but the war is not over and until it is-” But he was stopped by someone kissing him back.
“I know,” said Marin as she broke the kiss, “I hope it ends soon.”
Pantheion took Marin in his arms and held her.
“So who do think really did this then?” asked Marin as she turned her head up to Patheions.
“I don’t know,” said Pantheion as he pulled his hair back, “But I know that mutant alien was not the last one. And where it came from is unknown even to the best of our scientists.”
Marin laid back against Pantheions chest as he continued to contemplate. The mystery was what or who was controlling the aliens. Suddenly the door burst open and Pantheion jumped. His companion stood at the door panting.
“How can you lay there with your girl when the enemy has revealed herself,” shouted his best friend Bane.
“Herself?” asked Pantheion as he got out of the bed.
“Yes, it is a Crystalloid,” said Bane as he led Pantheion out of the room.
They began to run with Marin close behind them. Pantheion looked out the windows that passed by and saw a woman in crystal armor staring down at the people who were running around frantically.
“Pantheion come on,” shouted his friend Bane but Pantheion was stuck staring at her. She had him caught with a thin piece of crystal string. It shimmered and Bane and Marin realized why he had stopped, they rushed to help him but he was tugged out of the window. Pantheion closed his eyes as he rushed down to his death. But instead he felt a sharp tug and blood pouring out over the wire that cut through him.
“Ah, the strongest soldier I have caught him,” said the woman who had him dangle. The wire was slowly cutting further through him, “Well, what shall I do with you?”
“Let him go,” shouted the king as he looked up at the woman, “You are wrong Pantheion is not the strongest soldier!”
“He’s not,” said the Crystalloid, she tugged the string with Pantheion on it all the way up to her. She pulled him up to her face and stared deep into his eyes, “No, he is the one who destroyed my alien.”
“Please, let him go,” said the king as he stepped forward.
“And what of this man do you plead so much for?” asked the Crystalloid.
“He is, my son!” shouted the King as he stared up at Pantheion.
“YOUR SON!” shrieked the Crystalloid in surprise.
“Yes, let him go,” said the King.
“Dad,” whispered Pantheion as he looked around at the people who were there many in shock. His identity as the Prince of this land was to be kept secret only his two friends and pretend parents knew who he really was.
“Oh, no,” said the crystalloid sneering at the king as she hoisted Pantheion over her shoulder, “I’m going to keep this great find all to my self. Do anything and trust me your beloved prince here will meet his death slowly and painfully.”
“NO!’ shouted his father. Soldiers readied their bows with arrows, but held from firing they seem afraid that they would hit him if they aimed a bit off. Pantheion was a human shield for this crystalloid.
She took off with Pantheion staring down at Marin who was screaming as well. He didn’t know what would happen now if he was a prisoner for this enemy. And he knew about the old traditions of torture.

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